what is the rarest JW book?

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  • Acluetofindtheuser

    The book, Angels and Women must be pretty rare. The book was published in 1924 by the A.B. ABAC Company and authorized by Rutherford. That company was set up solely to turn out those books. The work was recommended reading in the 1924 Golden Age magazine. I don't know any witnesses that own that book, except for me. I had to search far and wide to obtain a first edition.

    Angels and Women is actually a revision of the 1878 novel Seola written by Ann Eliza Smith. The story is a fantasy about the events that led up to the Deluge. The whole book reads as a diary of the character named Seola, who actually becomes a passenger on the Ark.

    The problem most witnesses have with this book is that it mentions the activities of the fallen angels with respect to the main character. The main character, Seola, hated the fallen angels and even one of them became attracted to her but she refused to reciprocate his love.

    I think this is the most interesting literature to come out of the organization. The story was entertaining and enjoyable to read. All the other publications are dogmatic and have questions for each paragraph that you need to know. Angels and Women did not have questions for each paragraph.

  • Phizzy

    The rarest JW book ? the one with just a little bit of truth in it.

    Out of Print now of course.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Probably original (not reprints) of 1879 Zion's Watchtower magazine.

    I think a July copy fetched mega bucks at an auction.


  • skin

    Skin, you mentioned a time when congs were told to get rid of the old literature. When exactly did that happen? A jw friend told me about this and how his cong literally burned the old stuff.

    Hi Joey jojo. This is how it happened here this area (New Zealand). It would be about 5 years ago now, we had a letter read out to the congregation from the Branch office (Australia). They requested that all the old books (in the KH library or our personal collections) be sent over to the Branch because they needed them for the JW museum that they were putting together. Our extensive KH library disappeared, and so did another KH library that I know of. There was also a rumor going around at the time, that because of the cost to post these books over to Aus, the instruction was then to destroy them.

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