Will there ever be another Ray Franz?

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  • nicolaou

    Will any other Governing Body member - present or future - ever have as much impact as he did. Will anyone else have enough strength of character, personal integrity and balls to step down and speak out?

    Something to think about.


  • freedom96

    I don't think so. They have no where else to go.

    It is my belief that not all of them think this is God's ONLY organization. But what are they to do? They are like wild animals that have been born and raised in a zoo. They would not survive in the real world. Same thing with these guys.

  • DevonMcBride

    I actually did think about this. With all of the goings on with the Watchtower lately, I wouldn't put it passed a GB member or someone high up the ladder to step down and tell all.


  • Buster

    Of course its impossible to predict. But I think Ray Franz was a unique event in the history of the WTS. No one else on the GB, then and presumably now, had an uncle that was the senior doctrine boy. Freddie had a lot of pull and it would be naive to think that that didn't play a role in Ray's ascencion to the GB. I think that allowed Ray a bit of courage in standing his own ground.

    It isn't so much that no one could ever make a stand. It is more that the GB are selected for their insane commitment to the org.

    Anything can happen though.

  • IslandWoman

    Will there ever be another Ray Franz?

    Ray Franz was a product of his time and environment, things which can never be replicated. So I believe it can be safely said there will never be another Ray Franz. But, and it is a very big "But", there are people born every day who are conscientious and who love God, some of them wind up in the Watchtower.

    So, I believe that while there will never be another Ray Franz, there will without question be another man in power at Bethel who loves God more than the Watchtower!


  • Brummie

    erm why are we reffering to Ray Franz in the past tense? Did I miss something?


  • IslandWoman

    Hi Brummie,

    erm why are we reffering to Ray Franz in the past tense? Did I miss something?

    I think it's just in the context of his time at Bethel and his workings towards a change during that time. :)


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Well not like Ray Franz but...

    We do have people right here telling it like it is. Bill Bowen Barb Anderson and all the silent lambs (whether you agree with his methods or not). Every ex-JW who is telling people either one-to-one or through the media or by public speaking engagements or writing books or on the net. They are all telling it like it is.

    Every person who comes here and tells their truth is contributing to the work of others - honest and truth.

    The power of all our voices will become deafening to the JWs. One voice was easy to excuse/minimize. A thousand or 10,000 or 100,000 voices is going to be a lot harder to ignore

    Ex-JWs are a mighty voice. Let's keep roaring

  • Brummie

    oh i seee, thanks IW, I got a little worried, its not unlike me to miss a huge departure and turn up months later like nothing had happened.


  • gitasatsangha

    AFAIK he is alive. I got an email from him some months ago.

    I dont think there would be a GB defection again. Maybe someone high up in one of the soviets commitees.

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