Cart witnessing at the Toyota Grand Prix

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  • Ray Frankz
    Ray Frankz

    Even awake now, having pioneered some years ago (before carts, JW.Org, big screens in conventions and TV JW) I feel fooled when remember the sacrifices I had to make in order to complete my 70 hrs, and now they just play statue for one week and voila, you are the month employee.

  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    What gets me is how JWs are instructed (why???) to NOT APPROACH people, but to stand by or near the cart and let people approach them. Is it some legality?? And even if so, why should this stop, limit, or muzzle the Preaching of the Good News??

    Can you imagine Jesus or his disciples or the apostles, etc., STANDING quietly in a CROWD of people, while waiting to be approached for a piece of literature or directive to a website??

    I couldn’t even understand this when I was in... if our message is so urgent, so important, so life-saving, what the hell were we doing sitting in cars and coffee shops while strolling leisurely now and again to the odd door??

  • Dagney

    Interesting sir, I suspected as much, especially after the Superbowl. I think somebody posted something similar about the carts there.

    Man, and you are so right. They were smack dab in the middle of the busiest walk areas. I think they must have been schooled in facial expression. Seriously, they had these giant grins as they were looking at people. It was a very Stepford look. And I have to say, the group they had out looked like they were from the Spanish and downtown congregations.

    There were other rather seedy looking characters out trying to get people to take a paper that looked like a $100 bill. One guy behind me took it and was reading it outloud as we were crossing the street. It had a bunch of scriptures on it about fornication and adultery. We all had a giggle about that.

    This is the same venue where the RC's are held, and a fair amount of "apostates" do their work there.

    On a side note, we attended this event with new family we found through Old family consisted of me an exJW, one never baptized, and two offspring raised around it but never came in, and one JW. We are shunned for the most part by the JW, although this time, he was a bit more relaxed and on better behavior. I do my part of anti-witnessing calling out poor behavior to new family, the shunning etc.

    From the outside looking in at this modern witnessing work, it just seems ridiculous. Talking to a guy that just left about a year ago, he told me he AUXPioneered (is that still the current term?) several months the year before last. He loved the easy hours and it was fun setting up the carts the college campus. He didn't see/feel the absurdity he sees now.

  • EverApostate

    Seems Jahs Chariot is on a race with those speeding cars.

  • Listener

    They believe 'honest hearted ones' will find them. It sounds like predestination to me. But why bother with the preaching work when, if this was true, someone could simply stumble across their website or walk into a KH.

    All they need to do is wear an open back pack with a JW org sign and 'Please take a brochure or ask me for a bible study' and they would get plenty of time to record. If they were working, they could include all that time. Their employer might not like it but if it was part of their worship they could probably get away with it. Going to college wouldn't be a problem since it would all be witnessing time. Even spending time shopping could be included. Even going on holidays could become a golden oportunity to witness, that cruise could prov to be very fruitful.

    There would be a double benefit. It would encourage the JW to be on his best behaviour, knowing that with his sign, he would always be representing the organization. He's going to think twice before he flirts with someone other than his spouse or any other bad behaviours. That little back pack will be a constant reminder.

    They would really stand out in public, a bright orange colour might be the go. It doesn't have to b a back pack, it could be some modified head gear or a shoulder bag, even a wide tie.

  • Dagney
    They believe 'honest hearted ones' will find them. It sounds like predestination to me. But why bother with the preaching work when, if this was true, someone could simply stumble across their website or walk into a KH.

    ^^ I always thought about this. It's such doublespeak. You are blood guilty if you are not using every minute of your life, yet the angels and jah are bringing the right people to da troof.

    Again, a great job WTBS, keeping the confusion alive for the faithful. They just need trust in jah and "BELIEVE" (ala "Book of Mormon) to get their pet panda.

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