Cart witnessing at the Toyota Grand Prix

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  • Drearyweather
    Good job WBTS! You got them busy in a nothing work.

    Sometimes religious activity is about making people feel better about themselves. When you don't get results from your preaching activity, then you have given praise to Jehovah. That's all. and there is a concept of 'you don't know where the seed may fall' scene, where tangible results are not seen but witnesses feel somewhere someone must be thinking about the truth due to their cart activity.

    This is pretty much true in the ex-JW activism world too. A kingdom hall crash or picketing at conventions produces zero results. But then it satisfies the ex-JW activist and, like a JW he thinks that someone must have noticed him and would have awakened.

  • sparrowdown

    It's just about being seen.

  • freddo

    Dagney wrote :

    Picture 185,000 people on the streets attending the biggest event in Long Beach.

    Was there an angel hovering overhead looking for Assyrians?

  • freddo

    Drearyweather - no - the KH crashes and especially picketing at conventions get posted on the net nowadays where at least hundreds and often thousands get to see them. When we do "join the dots" they are one of "the dots" that helps us make up the true picture.

    The carts also serve a purpose - they help people realise what a (insert expletive as an intensifier) waste of time being a JW is compared with those that actually HELP other people.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Until recent years, the absolute priority of every JW was to preach the good news of the kingdom to as many people as possible, because the end was so close! If we didn't, we would be blood-guilty.

    The "publishing of the good news" has now been gladly discarded by many JW's who can easily achieve their required monthly report time by standing mute at the side of a trolley - saying nothing to anyone about anything.

    Their "witness" (aka marketing) is now to advertise the bright blue JW dot ORG logo.

  • alanv

    Drearyweather, Freddo is right. No one is saying people in those Kingdom Halls will suddenly wake up, although it could certainly make one or two think a bit. But yes the videos are uploaded and thousands of people from around the world are watching and recognise that JWs are a cult where they simply cannot think for themselves.

  • Drearyweather

    freddo and alanv,

    All that we have is perspective and an opinion out of what we see. My mother participated in a week-long cart witnessing drive at a local book fair (in India) and the entire group placed 1000 pieces of literature in total. If this gets printed in any JW literature, it would be enough fodder for all JW's across the world to continue their cart work no matter what the results are.

    Regarding KH crashing and picketing, two things stand out: One, even the Ex-JW world is divided on the effectiveness of this. Two, the videos uploaded are viewed and commented upon by other Ex-JW's. I am not sure if the world takes notice of these things. We don't have any independent and unbiased view on this.

    My point was that many individuals participate in these activities for personal satisfaction (praising Jehovah, etc) and hope that they have some results. A JW feels that he cannot convert a person unless Jehovah draws him, while an Ex-JW activist feels that he cannot awake a JW unless he opens his mind. A JW who is unable to place a single literature during his cart work goes home happy thinking that he has made Jehovah proud and hopes someone will visit the website. Same is true of an Ex-JW activist who goes home after a KH crash or a picketing session.

  • WingCommander

    I luv INDY and F1.

  • JRK

    I am surprised that they didn't get trampled!


  • sir82

    This is the WT's latest "thing". If there is a special event (race, golf tournament, trade show, etc.) to which thousands of tourists will come, they set up dozens of literature carts in everyone's way.

    It's a "big thing" in WT-world. They will have vetting committees to make sure no congregation loons (or those who wear tight pants) will man the carts. Then they'll have multiple "training sessions" for those "lucky" enough to "qualify" to stand dumbly next to a cart. There will be supervisors, shifts, a website for scheduling, etc.

    It's an enormous undertaking.

    For what, you ask?

    So that out of 200,000 people who pass by the carts, 4 books and 10 magazines are placed.

    Oh, but the few hundred JWs who are deemed worthy to "qualify" for "standing like lobotomized morons next to a literature cart" get to feel oh so special for "qualifying" for such a "grand privilege".

    Like virtually everything about JWs these days, it is all about the appearance of righteousness, utterly lacking in significance.

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