How long did it take you to leave the org?

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  • Country_Woman

    got babtised in oktober 1998, never very active in fieldservice. Inactive for 2 years yet, and after 1,5 years of questions and facts - given to me by Vivamus - I found out that there is nothing positives in the organisation for me yet. CW

  • quinah

    i think ive taken the longest. I was brought up as a borg and didnt stop going until 4.5 yrs ago. Im in my mid 30s so i took my time. Like so many others have mentioned i still have nightmares about armageddon and feel guilty about even being on this forum. Im hoping that soon the emotional and mental scares will fade just not sure when it will happen though

  • czarofmischief

    Raised in the borg for 22 years.

    Had no doubts or sonfusion. It was the TRUTH!

    Then those girls came to my room and got naked and lo and behold, I found I did notte beleev like I once had. And lo! It was good...


  • freedom96

    I grew up in the organization, and as I met people who led more christian type lives than many of those that are witnesses, I realized in my early twenties that this was not God's organization.

    Too many good honest people that I cannot believe that God is going to destroy just because they are not a baptized, in good standing witness.

    Then, I realized all the real crap that the WTS does, and that further showed by example that they cannot be God's organization.

  • sandy
    I went thru a few years of wanting revenge and trying to get on the Borg's Top Ten Most Wanted List,

    LOL, I like that one.

    Can somebody give me an example of what was misquoted in the Creation book?



  • Hamas

    Literally one second.

    I was travelling back from an assembly one day, and just thought to myself, ( and excuse my french ) ' ah, fuck it'

    I haven't been since.

  • NeonMadman

    Took me about 20 years to go from the time I started having really serious doubts about the organization to the time I actually left completely. But for most of that time, I knew it wasn't the truth and was staying in mainly to keep my family together.

  • Reborn2002

    I was born into the Jehovah's Witnesses a 3rd generation member. I was baptized a week after my 12th birthday in September of 1992 because it was all I had been taught was right. That is what usually happens when that belief is all one is subjected to and you have a biased environment. At age 15 I began to express serious doubts over doctrine (it was the year 1995 and the definition of generation was changed by the Watchtower Society at this time), coupled with irrational logic given to me by the elders (do not have long sideburns or facial hair because we say so! not because of Biblical reasoning) etc.

    I began to fade at this time and left at age 18. I was gone for a period of two years but returned for a few months and went through the motions to attempt to get my family back. Even as a teenager I knew it was a false religion and a crock of BS but I lost association with my family via shunning. When I went back, a few horrible things happened and I decided I could not support a false religion and live a lie, even if it meant losing my family. Not to mention I wanted nothing more to do with fanatical people whose entire lives are based on trivial issues and lies. I DA'ed myself in fall of 2001 at age 20 because I wanted to make it apparent I had publicly rejected them, and have never looked back. In the last two years I have had a serious awakening to cults and have immersed myself in religious, philosophical, ethical, and scientific study to better educate myself on other's beliefs.

    After studying Christianity (including Catholicism, Protestants, Lutherans, Baptists sects and doctrines) Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and primitive cultural beliefs like those of the ancient Incas and the very current Aborigines, I have an entirely different opinion of religion as a whole.

    I am now an atheist.

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