Do You Trust The News Media?

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  • Dagney

    Rachel. Maddow. Yes.

  • Spoletta


    I agree with you, she is undoubtedly leftist, but I've found that her claims aren't hard to verify. She's not getting her info from strange conspiracy sites.

  • doubtfull1799

    Not necessarily. They have their agendas and biases and limitation too. Some I think have a higher standard than others as the chart above well illustrates. If I may recommend another book to add to the reading list - I think this one well some up the limitations and problems with news organisations. I think news is best consumed with those things in mind:

    The News: A User's Manual
    Book by Alain de Botton
  • Island Man
    Island Man

    I trust the news media to be about 95% correct about 95% of the time. But I don't trust any one news medium. Not everything in the news is 100% correct all of the time. Getting the same story from multiple news sources is a good way of weeding out most of the errors.

    However, the kind of doubt that JWs and other miscriant entities would want us to put in the media so as to turn a blind eye to negative news reports about them ... I trust the news media more than I trust those trying to get me to disbelieve negative stories I see in the media.

  • Berengaria

    It never fails to amaze me that so many folks who lived their lives in a cult being BSed, are so ready to embrace spoon fed information. Why would any one source be good enough? And how in the heck could anyone base an opinion on the verified lies of the likes of Fox News, Breitbart, Infowars etc. etc.? None of this stuff is hard to fact check, unless the point is that it confirms your own bias and you are unwilling to look at facts.

    But why not discuss specifics Min? Why just say do you trust the news media? How about an actual issue that we can present facts and figures for? Or are you afraid to delve? Might prove ya wrong?

  • LongHairGal


    You just recently made an almost identical thread.

    No, I don't really trust any of the news media and hardly watch them: a little CNN, some Fox occasionally, local news and the weather channel.

  • minimus

    Berengaria... trump had whores in Russia and defiled obamas bed while enjoying golden showers. There are many more but I will not get into more with you because you are not ever able to see more than one viewpoint.

  • WTWizard

    I do not trust the lamestream media because it is always the same story, virtually word for word, no matter which channel you check. That means a mistake will be repeated, and there has to be a reason for zero tolerance for variance from the script. Usually, that is because they are pushing to prepare the human race for eventual microchipping and enslavement. Of note, the washtowel and Christi-SCAM-ity are even worse.

    Alternative media isn't perfect, either. You get blatant lies and scams there, too. You also get people that make mistakes, and the banks and The Establishment is capable of altering their timing to make even legitimate alternative media look bad. But at least they aren't all reciting the same lies, word for word. And, if you do the thinking, you are more likely to get decent information from alternative media and to be able to see which ones are scams.

    And yes, I have watched those videos on the flat earth. They are so blatantly false (how can the sun only illuminate half a disc at a time if the earth really was shaped like a record?) that they are more entertainment value than anything else. Also, there is a reason why the southern hemisphere is so much colder than the northern--it's because Antarctica lacks the ocean to moderate the climate, while the South Pacific prevents scorching hot summer days in places like southern New Zealand and South America that you might get in Alberta or Germany.

  • smiddy

    News media today is not so much about facts or truth as it is about ratings.And entertainment mixed with news will gaurantee ratings.

    Ratings are what newspapers consider the bottom line..

    And are facts and truth the bottom line ? No.

    The bottom line is entertainment ,what is going to entertain the public mixing that with a news item.

    How can we blend the two.News and Entertainment. that is what will give us an edge over our competitors .

    So do I trust the news media ? only with a grain of salt .They all have their own agenda.

  • nonjwspouse

    ^what Smitty said^

    I read fro opposite ends of the spectrum, mostly middle of thee road, and will sometimes go to the extreme sites/papers just to see what is being said. I come to a conclusion based on a combination of what I read. There is no such thing as pure objective journalism any more. ( If there ever truly was) but some sources are more objective than others. The chart posted above is a good example of choosing from both "sides" of reporting.

    It would be similar to self imposed brainwashing if a person insists on only one source for news.

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