Do You Trust The News Media?

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  • minimus

    Obviously, Trump doesn't. But do you? Do you think that they are generally fair, unbiased and honest?

  • S K Ditta
    S K Ditta

    Nice question.

    Multiple news sources, and giving time for the story to develop tends to be better than a hasty conclusion.

    Not all news items deserve the same attention, I suppose.

    A mix of Al Jazeera, RT, CNN, France 24 seems to even some things out.

  • Londo111

    It's not perfect, it makes mistakes, but overall, yes.

    Unlike in Russia, there is no one entity that is "the media", but many independent venues. When fact checking, these independent sources known as the "media" are more trustworthy for the most part, as opposed to fringe "media" outlets that cater to telling audiences what they want to hear.

  • minimus

    I read a little of everything but I avoid CNN because of their over the top hatred of republicans and Trump. But that's me.😏

  • freemindfade

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    I tend to like NPR, BBC, most other on either side I don't feel like I am hearing the news, rather being persuaded about WHAT to believe based on WHAT they want to report. "Fake News" is almost becoming a subjective term.

    1. Does it mean outright lies?
    2. Does it mean something that is not 'news worthy'?
    3. Does it mean skewed propaganda rather than news reporting?

    I feel #2 & 3 are more often what is going on.

  • S K Ditta
    S K Ditta
    1. Does it mean skewed propaganda rather than news reporting?

    Noam Chomsky speaks of "manufacturing consent". News can be a long-term project, and propaganda can be imperceptible at the level of each item...perhaps! The idea is, to make and preserve a certain image of the reported subject over long periods of time. Similar to how Watchtower works!

  • sir82

    Didn't you start an identical topic like a month ago?

    Why not just re-read the answers you got there?

  • blondie

    Here it is, sir 82. If you missed or want to change your answer or expand upon it:

  • snowbird

    Interesting, Minimus.

    In the past, I avoided Fox News because of its disdain for President Obama.

    That being said, I view all media outlets with a critical eye and ear.


  • Fisherman

    The media does not have to publish truth--or at least not all of it; they publish news as the see it. What should someone informed from the media conclude? That although the story that they heard sounds credible, it ain't the whole story.

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