Do You Trust The News Media?

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  • minimus

    Not everybody saw that evidently. Plus I just watched a show about news media and the election. But thank you for keeping focused on my threads, Sir and Bliondie too---for being so helpful.

  • littlerockguy


    I don't know who made that chart regarding news media outlets but I know it's very biased. I don't consider myself a die-hard "infowarrior" who worships Alex Jones and I have to admit he comes across as a knuckle dragging imbecile sometimes but I have learned more about what is going on behind the scenes with some of our career politicians than what I would ever know listening to mainstream media.

    I certainly wouldn't have known about Bilderberg and further history regarding the Council on Foreign Relations that "journalists" and media CEOs keep quiet about.

    When you consider the most wealthy and most powerful people in business and government from all over the world from major countries and they meet in complete secrecy and there is a complete media blackout that should raise some red flags in a normal rational thinking human being on what is really going on.


  • freemindfade

    Well, I think no matter where the news lands on their chart they are capable of delivering facts that other will not. That goes for left and right. I think this has to do more with the degree of slant. I always reference that a progressive liberal Maajid Nawaz has to go on Fox news to be heard. Does that make him conservative? or wrong? I don't think so. But he doesn't fit the CNN (1984) mold. I dont agree with everything on the chart either, to me CNN should be moved pretty far left.

    What really concerns me about the media is that the internet has given us access to what should be unfiltered news. However, I always check google news for headlines and I see this leaning the way the MSM that represents the regressive American left. Stupid non-stories make it to the top, if its negative about trump its all top news, if its negative about the left, its hardly on the radar.

  • Finkelstein

    Yes I think the news media in North Amerce is fair, open and honest most of the time, they are trying to tell the truth of the stories to their best abilities.

    The media has been a pain in the side for a long time for D Trump because it has openly shown his faillers, lies and deceptions, exposing his true character, in his previous business career and now in his push to get into the White House.

    Trump is a unscrupulous businessman / tycoon and who will say whatever he thinks he has to to Win the Deal. In a matter of fact his push to get into the WH has been done so in similar fashion like he's trying to push and influence private citizens and governments to let him build a Golf Resort or office building.

    A lot of bullshit and sweet talking hype.

  • littlerockguy

    You also have Google algorithm manipulation going on; especially during the election in Hillary Clinton's favor.

  • JeffT


  • LoveUniHateExams

    Do you think that they are generally fair, unbiased and honest? - no, I do not.

    Generally speaking, I think the media are laughably biased (both right and left) - certainly in the UK, anyway.

    How many of us Brits have read in The Guardian of 'militants' killing people whenever the latest Islamic atrocity happens (to me and most other normal people, the word 'militants' refers to left-wing people involved in the Rail Union, Unison, Bob Crow, Len McCluskey, etc. They usually prefer striking over beheading). The right-wing newspapers are just as bad.

    However, when I read in The Guardian about FGM statistics, I just know it has to be true (The Guardian would love to deny that importing foreign cultures into the UK is problematic). If they could get away with not printing it, they would.

    Similarly, when I read in The Daily Mail about the white-trash killers of Stephen Lawrence, it's gotta be true.

  • Spoletta

    If the media was restricted to reporting equally on both the left and the right, that in itself would be biased. Let's say that one candidate lied 5 times, and the other 30 times. Should the media only report 5 lies by both to be fair? There is nothing I know about journalism that advocates that position.

    Trump benefited greatly from the incredible free advertising he got due to his unorthodox (to put it nicely) campaign. It was disproportionate to that received by other Republican candidates, and he reveled in it. He can hardly complain now that he is still getting attention.

    Hillary is no longer in the picture to deflect scrutiny, and Trump is generating a lot of news, good or bad, depending on your inclinations.

    I have no problems with the MSM skewering the Left. I just don't see liberals engaging in as much self destructive behavior as the conservatives. They are certainly not sitting by quietly and allowing the Republicans to get everything they want, but it's no worse than what happened during the Obama administration.

    It would be great if the media simply presented the facts on both sides and allowed us to make our own decisions, but that is unlikely. I think, however, that a fair minded individual can glean a fair idea of what's actually going by starting their search at NPR, PBS and BBC, then examining the claims of both the left and the right.

    So, yes, in general I consider the media be reliable enough to place my trust in the overall picture that they paint.


    I read a little of everything but I avoid CNN because of their over the top hatred of republicans and Trump......Minimus

    It`s hard not to laugh at the dumb shit Trump and his team says..

    microwaves that turn into cameras.....Kellyanne Conway

    ā€œIā€™m not in the job of having evidence,ā€.....Kellyanne Conway

    Kellyanne Conway`s Microwave Selfie..

    Image result for Kellyanne conway taking selfie with microwave

  • Hoffnung

    You should not look just at truthfulness, but also on topic selection. Everybody got heated up on the Obama Trump tower wire tap. What was quickly forgotten because of this... obvious and proven connections between Trumps elected secretaries and the Russian spy nr. 1 in the US. Since this has now lost interest, nobody cares any more. Good job Trump. You got the Russians on board, on record and all... but we are looking at Obama now... who is stupid now

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