The Attack by Gog of Magog: 2018 Convention

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  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    The governments ramping-up and seizing properties KH"s only heightens the JW's persecution complex. It actually seems to 'strengthen' their resolve.

  • jwdoctrine

    The Bible uses both expressions

    Gog and Magog (=place)


    Gog of Magog (=person)

  • integ

    Gog and Magog sounds pretty bad azz imo. Great heavy metal band name.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    There was a Jason Zelda youtube video on Armageddon he asks a rhetorical question on why ''it'' never came. Because ''Harmageddon'' was a ''place'' not an event.

    There was a video the other day from Carlo(I forget his last name). He elaborates on a lot the ''big'' word terminologies ie. Armageddon are ''symbolic''.

  • scotoma

    JW's are all excited about the "terrifying" attack of Gog of Magog.

    But what about the slaughter of 7+ billion humans.

    Are humans really that wicked that men women and children should be exterminated?

    The Devil is described as only getting a third of the angels to follow him yet the Devil supposedly gets 999 out of 1,000 humans to rebel.

    So it seems that humans really are crap and look like a failed experiment.

    God should have stopped with the angels (who don't need to poop) and forget about the poop generating humans.

    Big data means something.

  • Bad_Wolf

    Nobody did any power notes on it? Don't have time.

  • Bad_Wolf

    And throughout the bible it says judgement starts with house of God, 1 pet 4:17-19, etc. They don't even understand the bible they use.

  • Bad_Wolf

    Here is a summary of the video.

    Bs about babylon and governments going to attack JW's last.

    Drama video -

    A hall was sold off to give the GB more money for their retirement. One person is correctly saying that's BS and will choose what they want. Asks a grandmother who is being seperated from her family what she will do? An elder in the back gives a glare like 'bitch best not be challenging my authority I made that list!', then smiles when she proclaims she will do exactly as she was told. Elder gets a boner for that obedience in somebody leaving their family because he was a dick on the list.

    Even though previously in the 1970's people were encouraged to sell their homes, not have kids, and all the problems their lives had from following those directions, none of that is brought up, but in the future if equally nonsensical crap is told, they must obey without question!

    Talk resumes = Blind obedience to the GB and elders means showing courage.


    Long ago I really studied the scriptures to figure out what they really teach, not the GB version. I found that armageddon story, the great trib, all of that was based on cherry picking scriptures and not at all taught in the bible with things in context. Because many of the events they say will happen NOW, I saw were really matching the end of the 1,000 year reign. If you look up Ezekiel 39 and all of that, those things all matched with Revelation at the end of the 1,000 year reign. And the entire event is talking about literal Israel. And it talks about how literal israel had been in blindness up to that point.

    So there is now this 'new light' because somebody noticed this in the higher ups but and with that change but ignoring everything else to still try to make the prophecy adhere to them themselves. Watch it continue to go back and forth as they notice other scriptures keep on contradicting their new light. ))))

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    ''Blind obedience to the GB and elders means showing courage''

    That's where it gets 'scary'. To practise 'unquestioning obedience'. To those who claim to be ''uninspired and not infallible''. Hypocritical also. The rank and file just don't seem to get this.

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