So, who sleeps in early, and who sleeps in late?(fluff)

by obiwan 25 Replies latest jw friends

  • LyinEyes

    Sheila , I have to laugh at all the things we have in common ya know, and this is another. My husband says , I get up at the crack of ............NOON!!

    Since leaving the borg, I refuse to do what I dont want to do.....* stomping feet hehehe*,,,,, so if I want to sleep ,,,,,,,,till whenever I do.

    I just woke up and it is 12:24, but I have been going on very little sleep lately and did some catching up.

    Sometimes I got to be at 5 am, get up with Denny and Jake, then go back to bed for more sleep. I dont like my sleep this way, but I am really out of wack in my routine here lately.

  • Lutece

    I'm a freelance writer working from home. If it weren't for getting the kids read for school, I'd sleep till 10 everyday and stay up late, but sometimes I sneak in a few hours more after they get on the bus. I like to work when I'm at my most creative, usually late afternoons/evenings.

    I love mornings (under the covers and with a warm cat sitting on top of me).

  • Carmel


    I'm like you. After five days of getting up at 5:30, I'm ready to go Saturday morning, same time!


  • obiwan

    Well I do try and sleep/laze around on sunday morning, if the weather permits I like to sit on the porch and drink coffee listening to the birds...aaahhh so nice not to have to make that sunday meeting!


    And I thought I was the only one. I get up weekdays at 6am to get my daughter ready for school. And on the weekends I wake up at 6 no matter how hard I try to sleep in. If I make it unitl 7 thats really an accomplishment for me.

    Now my wife can sleep until 9 or 10. I don't know how she does it.


  • larc

    My sleep habits are quite varied. In general, I am a night person. Usualy, I stay up until midnight, and I sleep as long as I want to. (I am retired and can do that.)

    There have been times when I stayed up all night, when I was working on my family history, and I slept all day. There have been times when I slept for nearly 24 hours. My wife used to worry about my sleep patterns, but like all my other quirks, she has learned to accept them. (It's about time, after 40 years of marriage, don't ya think?)

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