So, who sleeps in early, and who sleeps in late?(fluff)

by obiwan 25 Replies latest jw friends

  • obiwan

    I find that I can't sleep in late on the weekends.I'm up at 5:30 in the morning during the week and by the time the weekend comes around, if I can sleep till 7:30 I'm doing good. Even if I stay up till midnight I still get up around 8:00.The only way I sleep in late is if I've been drinking all night or I'm sick.

    So how does everyone else do with thier sleeping habits?

  • JH

    I sleep like a baby. 8 hours a night. My alarm clock is my cat at 5 AM

    I usually go to bed at 10:30PM or 11:00, up at 6:15 about. that's the way it is 7 days a week.

    Fluffy thread, fluffy pillow.

  • Vivamus

    I'm usually up by 7.00 AM, not that I'm truly awake, but I'll just wake up. I don't even set the alarm, I just can't seem to get my body to sleep in... If I really pulled an allnighter and got home at 4 AM, I might be so lucky as to sleep till 8 AM ....

  • Aztec

    Hehe I just got off the phone with ya Obi...LOL! I'm a late to bed, early to rise chick. I only sleep about 4 or 5 hours a night. Damn insomnia! I usually get up by about 7 am. ~Aztec

  • shera

    I'm up early,anytime between 6:00 am to 8:00 am. Even if I have the chance to sleep in,I can't.Ticks me off actually.

  • Francois

    Early to bed,
    Early to rise,
    Makes you yawn and stretch,
    With blooshot eyes.


  • els

    I go to bed usually between 12 and 2. Up by 8 or 9. I work at a restaurant so the late hours come from that. In the summer I get home some nights at 12 or 1. els

  • bittersweet

    I like to sleep in if at all possible, but usually it isn't possible. I work til midnight 5 days a week, the I can't fall asleep until around 2 AM, then I have to be up between 6 and 7:30 five days a week. On the weekends I sleep later, but my kids always manage to wake me up. My ideal would be to go to sleep between 12AM and 1AM, then sleep til 9 or 10, that would be my ideal. I am a wicked night owl, so I can never fall asleep before 12 anyways.

  • Scully

    It depends on my shift work schedule. Some days I am up at 6-6:30am. If I have worked a few night shifts in a row, I end up sleeping until 3-4pm in between, and try to get up by noon following my last one, so I can get back into a normal routine.

    Love, Scully

  • Shutterbug

    Starting in basic training in the Air Force in 1955, I have been getting up early ever since that date, except for four years when I worked shift. I cannot seem to stay in bed past 5:30 AM and it drives my wife crazy.

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