Trump pulls out of Paris Agreement -

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  • Spoletta

    Once again, Trump pokes the rest of the world in the eye as America retreats into isolationist mode. Any history buff here can tell you how well it worked in the past.

    As they become less dependent on fossil fuels, the rest of the world will thumb their noses at America, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and other oil producers. If anything, this will spur China and other forward thinking countries into improving clean energy technology, which they will share with us, if we can afford to pay what they'll charge for it.


    The future is in clean energy.

    Jobs of the future are in clean energy.

    The USA is in a position to be a world leader, in clean energy.

    Countries/Customers from around the world, will line up for what the USA could produce.


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  • WhatshallIcallmyself

    Trump is a moron, for many reasons and not just this idiocy.

    Yes the agreement was about transferring money from richer to poorer countries. Now why was that?

    The West has burnt enormous amounts of fossil fuels to get us to the point we are now economically. Third world countries would also have to also do that to get to where we already are. However with our help (money) they could invest in expensive alternatives to the simple dig and burn methods of energy productions. This is important because to get these countries to our levels of economy and industry would result in the ruination of the planet's climate.

    There are 3 choices here:

    1 - Invest in these countries to save our world (and maybe encourage its citizens to stay at home).

    2 - Allow these countries to advance their industry and economy as we did in previous centuries.

    3 - Prevent these countries from advancing and keep them in the 3 world (plus I guess keep complaining about how their citizens want to move to our countries).

  • WhatshallIcallmyself

    "Climate change is just one of the many new faces of Communism. It has nothing to do with the environment and everything with the redistribution of wealth." - truth_b_known

    What a simple minded observation! If only you understood why distribution of wealth (giving money) was important in this context you might not write such silly things on public forums...

  • hothabanero
    Yes the agreement was about transferring money from richer to poorer countries. Now why was that?

    I am glad you admit it!

    I know the answer: because it was drafted by globalists, corrupt NGOs and "green tech" companies who hoped to have their pockets lined by billions of tax-payer dollars to throw away on hopeless projects which would not survive in the free market. It was and always will be a GIANT SCAM.

    The money is much better spend on US soil, for US jobs, to make the US wealthier and GREENER (something this stupid Obama deal would NOT do).

  • jookbeard

    hothabanero has it right, how many coal powered power stations are the Chinese building each year ?

  • hothabanero

    @jookbeard: yah! The Chinese were laughing their assess off. The US paid billions of dollars and would hamstring its manufacturing base (jobs that would go to ... China!) while all China had to do was make vague promises they could break any time they found convenient ---> GIANT GLOBALIST SCAM.

    This is what it means to make AMERICA great again. Liberals just don't get it because they are so biased they think everything that isn't about advancing a globalist agenda is racist/nationalistic/whatever.

    The most ridiculous thing is these small shitty liberal countries trying to shame the US. Well f#ck you we can do as we want and you are welcome that WE got your back in NATO lol.

  • jp1692

    Hothabanero: The Palestinians have killed jews for decades.

    I can't believe I'm saying this, but you might want to read the Bible to see who started that particular fucking mess. BTW, it goes back almost four thousand years, not "decades."

    Get the clue or STFU. Your ignorance is showing, bigly.

  • hothabanero


    You don't deny what I am saying (Palestinians have killed jews for decades), you just redirect by bringing up some arcane crap about the Bible. Guess what, I don't give a shit, nobody does except you.

    This is about REAL people ACTUALLY suffering. Can you get that through your skull?

    This is like how you can't discuss child marriage with some libbot bringing up how a random baron banged a 13 year old in the Middle Ages. Guess what, I don't care!!!

    Get the clue or STFU. Your ignorance is showing, bigly.

    Why do you hate jews?

  • jp1692

    Hothabanero: Why do you hate jews?

    Sigh ... Did I say that? No, I did not.

    A better question is this: Why would you accuse another person of harboring beliefs which they have never expressed?

    You reveal your unreasonableness with a inflammatory question like the one you posted.

    Go back and reread what I wrote and you'll see that I never said anything of the kind. Only a fool accuses someone of thinking or believing things they never said. There is absolutely no point in talking to people like you as you are clearly unable to understand plain, clear language.

    Perhaps you are projecting your own hatred. I don't know. What I do know is that you are incapable of calm, rational discourse. Reactionary responses like yours are actually the cause of most of the problems in the world.

    You probably won't get it. I am responding for the benefit of others so that no one mistakenly assumes the wrong thing were I fail to respond.

    For the record, what I hate is this: simple-minded, knee-jerk responses that lack thoughtfulness and that seem designed to escalate the situation. That is not a racial or ethic thing. It's a stupid thing. You light a fire, throw gasoline on it and then accuse others of starting a conflagration when in fact it was all you, only you.

    Get some help, please. Get some help.

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