45 Minute Bethel Video about Changes (downsizing) at Watchtower

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  • baldeagle

    I have met many good and sincere JW’s that gave their all to the fulltime service. I met an equal amount of smug, sanctimonious, and pompous morons as well. We all remember the interviews ad nauseam at conventions, parading in front of us those in various forms of fulltime work and their special privileges in the congregation. Many from Bethel would go on and on about how Jehovah was the best employer ever. How Jah would never let them down and toss them aside like so many “worldly bosses” etc. Working for God was touted as being a special honor and everyone in the audience was asked to prayerfully consider making Bethel service a personal lifetime goal. “Remember, Brothers…..you will have…..No Regrets.” (Cue the Thunderous applause!!)

    It may sound mean but I really feel zero sympathy for these Bethelites and their delusions of grandeur.

    They applied voluntarily and happily (no gun to their head). Many even applied numerous times before they got accepted.

    So be it then, many fulltime servants who never remotely anticipated the year 2016 arriving are now getting jettisoned out on their butts. Maybe God wasn’t such a great employer after all. This is what happens when you give up all authority over your life to a manmade religion. How can you unconditionally hand yourself over, including all intellectual thoughts and reasoning skills, to an imperfect institution and then have no recourse?

    As they walk out the front door for the last time they can reminisce on these happy thoughts:

    WT March 1, 1988 p. 17 My Life in Jehovah’s Spirit-Directed Organization

    Indeed, in every country, Jehovah’s people are the best and the happiest!

    WT March 1, 1989 p. 3 How to Identify True Ministers of God

    However, true ministers of God not only have duties and requirements but also have many privileges. In fact, as a group, they are the most privileged, the most successful, and by far the happiest group on earth today, as you will see in the next article.

    As far as I’m concerned they are getting exactly what they deserve. Now go get a job and start paying for your own rent & provide for your own needs like the rest of the world. After all they did have..... ”The Best Life Ever.”

    P.S. – This talk seems to indicate that, “evidently” the bloodletting is not over yet. There may always be more necessary changes in Jah’s organization in the future.

  • wannaexit
    Any cong that has a bethel- dump couple to look after and still sends money to the wt are fools.

      Well said Zeb !!!

  • wannaexit

    It's funny that they can talk about changes and give themselves the pat on the back to say " they are Ok". But this same courtesy isn't allowed among the rank and file.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    If I were a Bethelite and listening to this 'Pink Slip' talk, I'd also be thinking of the the lyrics to Bill Withers song...'You've (Watchtower) used me till I'm all used up...'

    That's exactly what a whore does with her client...she uses him till he's all used up!

  • OnTheWayOut

    Page 1 replies,

    Wifibandit, the link still works even though the direct post of the video is gone. Thanks for providing it.

    ttdtt, Sorry. I was looking for it, but there was no mention of "video" in the brief search I did, and "The Big House Forced Exodus" is extremely appropriate, but I didn't catch that either. I just wanted people to know about it.

    kairos, I rarely watch anything from Watchtower. I had a 2011 New Year's Resolution not to read or view their material at all, but I am not "religious" about it. It's just that Bethel layoffs were a huge part of my awakening.

    Jahalapeno, I think the guy is just piling on with good things they changed over time for Bethelites. And since Karaoke and life-long health insurance are not on the list, they refer to old stuff like giving people one or two days out of seven off. I love how they say that "day off" can be used for recruiting.

    millie210, yeah. I usually do the same.

    B. Bonds, I have to agree. WTF did they expect. It was touted as life long. Thanks for sharing.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Page 2 replies,

    Dagney, I found it "condescending [with] droning voices" also. How many years do you suppose a laid off Bethelite can say "It's so close" ? I say it's short.

    Data-dog, Dumbasses, indeed.

    LITS, only if you are up to it, perhaps already in a bad mood, watch this video. But I wish you well on that.

    Lieu, it is all about dumping the cost of caring for them. I was given the impression, when I joined, that as long as Bethelites were faithful, they would be able to stay in some assignment for their whole life. I think their videos long ago showed some elderly Bethelites straightening hangers or some other menial tasks. It's just another thing I had wrong about the cult. They are heartless. I hope it backfires, too.

    SafeAtHome, I would love to hear some horror stories, but I think they are informed ahead of time to make plans. I imagine those without family support are steered to congregations that can help instead of "Mother" doing it.

    Freeandclear, if only it was a joke.

    zeb, we were all fools. Many still are.

    Startingover, excellent scriptural application.

  • lambsbottom
    Oh my, they are so deluded. You can tell the way he talks that they think Bethel is all there is of importance of the world.
  • lambsbottom

    All the men/women full time at Bethel are reliant upon continuing financial support from the members!

    Think about it: They think they are in such an amazing position, yet it all banks upon the WT bankrolling them.

    Communists. Get a real job.

  • jookbeard
    I never saw any evidence that CT Russell ever changed, he clung on to his Masonic Zionist,occult sympathising beliefs til his deathbed, lying bastard.
  • sparrowdown

    Sacrifice pioneering in the field for Bethel service.

    Now sacrifice your Bethel service for regular pioneering in the field.

    Sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice to the hungry beast Jehovah and his insatiable appetite for sacrifice!

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