Example of sensitive data – should I be worried?

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  • Ruby456

    don't be worried be proactive. new regulations coming in and the wts is preparing for them.

    Art. 91 GDPR
    Existing data protection rules of churches and religious associations
    1. Where in a Member State, churches and religious associations or communities apply, at the time of entry into force of this Regulation, comprehensive rules relating to the protection of natural persons with regard to processing, such rules may continue to apply, provided that they are brought into line with this Regulation.
    1. Churches and religious associations which apply comprehensive rules in accordance with paragraph 1 of this Article shall be subject to the supervision of an independent supervisory authority, which may be specific, provided that it fulfils the conditions laid down in Chapter VI of this Regulation.

  • Ruby456

    In another part of the GDPR there is also interesting info about minors - under 16s - that they can revoke the consent their parents have given when they got baptised (parental consent is needed under the new regulations) and not suffer any bad consequences. won't this mean that the wts will need to set a higher baptism age - over 16 at least?

    another thing that comes to mind is to ask if they will need to spell out in the baptism questions what is involved if individuals want to leave.

    plus I wonder if on this site if we ask for all our data to be deleted including our posts will Simon have to comply? Sometimes posters ask for this.

    edit: the GDPR is about empowering the individual so that they can have control over their own lives and over how their data is used and stored

    see futurelearn course on GDPR


  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    No 5 is on the form twice????????? BTW I failed. And who defines imappropriate movies, music, and conduct. And appearance; do I need cufflinks how? (and a pinky ring) They left off the part about a 4 door car!!!!

    Counting time: I count all the fooling around too, and still get is "low" hours. You ruin a whole Saturday, getting dressed, traveling, a discussion that goes way longer than the guidlines, then arranging car groups, then nobody is home anyway, waiting for the guy with the map to finally get there, then a break (best part), so you spend 4 hours and talk to maybe 2 people.

  • sparrowdown

    * morpheous - employers want to know what you watch and listen to in your freetime and if you're chaste?

    + JWs are not employees and do not get paid.

  • LongHairGal


    I haven’t heard anything more about this topic..Have they given these forms out in the congregations yet?

    I would love to know how these forms are really being received by everybody there. The JW I know is very tight-lipped and would never tell me about something like this - probably because they know how negatively I would react.

    Any news?

  • Isambard Crater
    Isambard Crater

    Fay Dehr, I think G.D.P.R makes your statement that "publishers are forbidden access to this data" wrong, as a key principle of the new laws is that data subjects can request all data held about them?

  • LongHairGal

    Bumped up.

    Is there any more news on this topic? Has this happened yet in the congregations??? If so, what are the feelings of the r&f??

  • stillin

    Personally, I hope that any data collected from my Judicial Committee discussions 30 years ago is buried forever. Yes, there are private things that I have done which I am ashamed of and I hope nobody ever reads about again. I'm happy for anybody like Morph, who thinks that there is nothing in their "data" to interest anybody.

    But then, that's up to the elders who took the notes, isn't it?

  • Simon
    plus I wonder if on this site if we ask for all our data to be deleted including our posts will Simon have to comply? Sometimes posters ask for this.

    Yes, and the answer is usually 'no' to such blanket requests. We're happy to remove personal information that people may have shared but mass removals could negatively effect a lot of otherwise valuable topics. Posts are not typically 'personal information' as they are intended to be published from the time they are submitted.

  • stillMS

    For those interested whether this arrangement has already started - there is a similar topic:

    TLDR: yes, it's already started, r&f don't care as usually.

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