Example of sensitive data – should I be worried?

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  • LongHairGal


    Thanks (but what does TLDR mean?)

    It figures that the r&f don’t care or don’t think. My JW friend didn’t mention this form to me because they know I would speak against it. Glad I left years ago.

  • stillMS
    but what does TLDR mean?



    it was my personal summary of what's going on now for those who won't surf the other similar threads.

    In our congregation, the elders just gave it to everyone after the mid-week meeting, and said it was about sharing our names and address with the Society, and mentioned there are more details on jw.org.

    Literally no one in our cong asked a question, or looked worried about it. No discussions as far as I know.

    I guess you should know how it feels if you have experience of 'voting' resolutions at the KH (I wonder if the history knows of a single case of not approving a resolution)

  • mikeflood

    If this new system for the JW was like name, address, D.O.B it shouldn't be problematic at all....but with all that detailed information it resembles the Chinese government and their proposed 'national reputation system'. Also remember...once in Internet, it could be hacked.

  • stillMS

    I just described what we were told at the KH - I'm not saying it's true or lies (basically, it's usual wording games).

    But, why should PIMI r&f even care, after all - if they're ready to die and let their children die for the sake of following 'theocratic instructions'. I don't think majority of PIMI can suspect smth bad from the GB

  • _Morpheus

    mike, that detailed information ISNT included. That was a form for cart witnessing and people are speculating that such information could be included at some point. it is simple name rank and serial number, at least for now.

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