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  • Fay Dehr
    Fay Dehr

    We urgently need to offer "resistance strategy" help to PIMOs who are likely to be harassed by elders seeking their consent for WTBT$ to leech their data.

    • What questions could PIMOs ask elders, that elders would be unable to answer? (Thus buying time, because elder would need to "check with branch")
    • What reasons or replies could PIMOs give when interrogated, to " politely " refuse permission?

    Comments here could be of real help, and spare some from further harassment down the line.

  • Splash

    "Can I fulfill all of my scriptural obligations without signing the form? If not, which scriptural obligations are affected, and why?"

    "In the instructions you received for getting people to sign this form, does it say that you must not pressure people to sign it? That being so, if I refuse to sign it, should that be the end of the matter?"

    "If you wish to speak to me about my refusal to sign the form, would you object if I recorded the discussion?"

  • jp1692

    Just say no!

    Publisher: "What? I don't get to have any 'privilieges'?"

    Elder: "That's right."

    Publisher: "Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

  • GrreatTeacher

    Tell them you have had an issue with your data being stolen and your lawyer asked you to run any requests like this past him.

    Tell them you'll get back to him as soon as you hear from your lawyer.

  • respectful_observer

    Linking to earlier discussion:

    Perhaps someone can frame it this way:

    "Thanks for the form. I've actually been asked to sign several of these lately (which may likely be true given the newness of the regulation). In fact my employer had a info sessions on the issue. They recommended that before we ever sign these, we have IN WRITING, the answers to the following 6 requirements of GDPR, and that if that organization refuses, we should refuse to sign (these points are extracted directly from GDPR requirements). I've reviewed the Global Data Protection Policy on, but those points did not provide clear answers to these points:

    1. You must disclose to the individual: what data you collect on them, why, and what you do with the data (including what other parties receive the data and what they do with it)
    2. The individual must provide their written explicit consent that they agree to have the entity retain their data in the manner disclosed. Any changes to the terms require new consent from the individual
    3. Data collection must be proportional (i.e., only necessary data may be collected and can only be used for what you've previously disclosed to the individual)
    4. You can only keep the data as long as absolutely necessary, and must delete afterward. (e.g., even if a person demands deletion of their data, the organisation may be required to retain certain data points such as financial/tax data attached to a contribution)
    5. The individual must have: rights of access to all their data, the ability to correct it, and object to it
    6. The individual must have the "Right to be Forgotten" (i.e., they must be able to dictate that all their data be permanently erased

    Can you please provide that before I sign?"

    No doubt they'll freak out since you've asked for something "IN WRITING", which the Service Dept with be loathe to comply with. Of course it will be up to you how to navigate these waters afterward.

    Perhaps ask, "so what are the consequences of not signing?" After they're response: "Hmmm....that seems like there's quite a lot of pressure for me to sign. Not having specific answers to my questions in writing, and this pressure to comply is making me feel very uncomfortable."

  • DesirousOfChange

    To me this would like being asked to sign away my rights to litigate if I was to be injured. NO FUCKING WAY! I'm not going to do that for an employer or anything else, including my church. Tell them to follow the law correctly and they won't need your signature. In fact THE CONG NOR THE BRANCH needs to retain your records. JEHOVAH KNOWS WHAT YOU DO!

  • Crazyguy

    What are you talking about?? What data are they wanting now???

  • Fay Dehr
    Fay Dehr

    When KGB agents wanted to "get to know you," finds Weiner, they wanted more than your address, your occupation, your hobbies or the names of your friends.

    They wanted to know what and how people were thinking. And, in almost all cases, they wanted to fundamentally change that way of thinking.

    The WTBT$ are ready to take this to the next level. Posts on this forum over the years reveal that ALREADY they've been compiling dossiers on members. Some have managed to obtain copies of data kept on them locally and at branch level. To agree to their GDPR policy is giving them legitimate authority to:

    • Record your financial transactions on
    • Record your entire internet browsing history by means of cookie tracking
    • Record your emails
    • Record your social networking
    • Record your phone calls
    • Build character profile
    • Build psychological profile
    • Access your entire medical record history
    • Access your child's school files
    • Monitor how and when you have sex
    • Record, profile and use data about your every breath...and share that with North Korea

    If that seems overly dramatic, just check the form - please correct me if ANY of the outrageous statements above are exempt from their planned surveillance.

    where the spirit of Jehovah is, there is freedom - 2 Cor. 3:17

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    "It's not something I'd want to do at this time, but if I change my mind, I'll get back to you."

    No discussions about the legalities of the matter.

    In other words, you're politely saying 'No.' If they try to press the matter, simply say, "I'm sorry brother, I did say 'no,' but I'll get back to you if I change my mind."

    Or.............."I'll take the form and give it some thought." Then, if approached again, "I gave it some thought and decided that it's not something I'd want to do at the moment. If I change my mind, I can get back to you."

  • Drearyweather
    "It's not something I'd want to do at this time, but if I change my mind, I'll get back to you."

    This line needs to be told before getting baptized as a JW.

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