Governing Body / who gets in, need answers to be sure ??????

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  • run dont walk
    run dont walk

    Okay, I want all the help I can get on this one, so fire away with your answers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anything that I say that is wrong, please point it out to me.

    The governing body started roughly in 1971, with seven members, and then over the years increased it to 11 members,

    So how many people have served on the governing body from the beginning to now ???? Lets say roughly 100. (probaly not that high.)

    Is it me, or is the governing body only made up of White American born people ????

    Has there even been a black person (til now), Chinese, Middle Eastern, South American, European, African, Russian, Pakistani, Native etc etc. on the governing body. Does Jehovah only like the USA.???(well, the branches there do make the most money compared to other countries.)

    Think about this one, How did Ray Franz get on the governing body to begin with ???, With all the people at the time qualified, did he get on simply because Daddy was on it. Kind of sounds like many of us getting a job where our dad worked because of his influence, this sounds the same.

    And how do they decide on the next member, pick someone off the floor at bethel, or do they go thoroughly threw all the possibilites worldwide, (maybe place a classified ad in the Watchtower.)

    Maybe I am way off base on this, and if so I WILL APOLOGIZE, (if i am wrong) BUT am I ????

    Need answers, thanks to all in advance !!!!!!!!

  • notperfectyet

    They pray <or prey> about it silly......and they get answers......

    Ok, sorry for my sarcasm, this is a very good question. I would like to know the answer.

  • heathen

    That's some good questions and I can't believe there aren't more replies of course this is one of those threads that will invite some wise cracks . This is almost as good as the how do you know you're anointed ? I would think it has something to do with seniority , like circuit overseer , district overseer and such but at this point it wouldn't surprise me if they used a ouija board .

  • kgfreeperson

    As I understand it, Ray Franz was Fred Franz's nephew, not son. Also, new Governing Board members are selected by the existing Governing Board.

  • Joyzabel

    <passing around Crisis of Conscience so that everyone can "see" the inner circle decision making policies>

    welcome to the board, walk dont run.

    Yes Nathon H. Knorr was forced to put the Governing Body into play back in the early 70's. In 1976 that body formed committees to run the WTBTs.

    There have been very limited people on that body. <trying to rack my brain on some that have served and are dead now> here's partial list.

    John Barr (b. 1913)
    Carey Barber (b. 1905)
    Milton Henschel (b. 1920)
    Samuel Herd (b. 1935)
    Theodore Jaracz (b. 1925)
    Karl Klein (b. 1905)
    Steve Lett (b. 1949)
    Gerrit Losch (b. 1941)
    Guy Pierce (b. 1934)
    Albert Schroeder (b. 1911)
    David Splane (b. 1944)
    Lyman Swingle (b. 1910)
    Daniel Sydlik (b. 1919)

    Whoever has served on the GB

    Ray Franz (nephey of Fred)

    Fred Franz

    Nathan H. Knorr


    Chitty, British


    (a couple more who have died, but I'm thankfully forgetting names )

    I'm sure there are some here who can fill out that list with where they are from. Barry is from Ozzieland, I think.

    BTW, Ray Franz is Fred Franz's NEPHEW. Freddy never married. Schroeder is the only one that ever had a kid.

    Another thing, about your question about different races being on the body, may I suggest you read Frip's book about someone being "black" back in Russel's or Rutherford's day.

    Hope you get your questions answered.


  • notperfectyet

    Wow, and I thought I was the only one who is pissed...for a reason. <<<<<<<<<<<HUGS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • nightwarrior


    Just an added thought , T he governing body a small group of businessmen control the annointed , whom are supposed to be jehovahs people taken from the earth over the centurys, amounting to 144000, where in the scriptures does it mention a small select group of men being given control of the annointed directing and controling the annointed ,the annointed are supposed to be scattered all over the earth, yet at no time do they ever come together as one , giving or passing any spiritual food to anyone ,there thoughts or needs are never acknowledged or asked for ,most of the annointed i have come across or so called annointed have been beligerent ,nasty, uncaring ,obnoxiouse and children haters,

    The golden rule from the society,which is run by businessmen is that you do as i say and not as jesus christ asks of you, as far as race is concerned hhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm it wouldnot matter what colour the governing body was ,as they are all out to serve themselves,why would you want anyone else of a different race to share there evil ways and remember retribution will come from the creator ,RACE ISNOT AN ISSUE HERE I DONT THINK ,as far as i am concerned the GOVERNING BODY AS I SEE THEM MAY AS BE BLOODY GREEN ALIENS, FOR ALL THE COLATTERAL DAMAGE THEY HAVE DONE ALL IN GODS NAME,



  • BluesBrother

    I suggest that a read of "Crisis of Conscience " by Ray Franz would answer your questions about the inner workings of the Governing Body.

    I have never seen a difinitive list of all those that have ever served on it. When the Proclaimers book was published in 1993 there were 12 members and at least a couple have died. Interestingly, they are assisted by men of the "Other sheep class" these days who act in a non executive capacity

    George Gangas was born in Turkey ; John (Jack) Barr is a Scot who was recruited from the UK Bethel

  • DIM

    It always amused me to no end that according to the WTS God apparently favors the United States and the white man.

  • heathen

    nightwarrior-- I can't recall the society printing literature that states the 144k are selected over the centuries , I understood they believe the appearance of the anointed would happen after the appointed times of the nations had been completed and according to them this happened in 1914 . Of course the bible talks of anointed being present back in jesus day but the little flock of today is not included in the number from those times . IMO . If you could tell me what publication your statement is in I would appreciate it . thanks

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