Tell Us About Your Culture!

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  • Elders_Kid

    I am a mut from my fathers side. German/Finnish/Dutch/Scottish, maybe a little Irish and a little inbred Kentucky.

    My mom's family came to the USA in 1953 from Malta. She was 100% Maltese, so I guess that makes me about 50%.


  • WildHorses

    The word heinz 57 suits me well. My family believed in mixing. I am as follows.

    German, Norwegian, Irish, Swedish, English, Welsh and French. I added Spanish and Mexican Indian to my children.

  • GirlOnFence

    I was born in Venezuela... my parents were born there too but, on my dad's side, my grandma is venezuelan and spanish and my grandpa is italian. On my mom's side they are German and Hungarian.

    I'm new here, but I'll have to get a pic posted, I would say I look pretty much american.

  • Aztec

    I'm mostly Romanian and Norwegian but also partly Danish. My great-grandparents were actually minor nobility in Romania but left, I think, because of WW1. My grandfather was the youngest of 8 children and the only one born in the US. I don't know a whole lot about the circumstances behind most of my ancestors coming to the US but I do know they all came here in the early 20th century. It's funny to look at the old pictures and see where you get your physical makeup from. Most of my physical features come from the Romanian side of my family except for my coloring which comes from the Nordic side (Very pale, blond, blue eyes, very noticable blushing). My personality and temperment are very much from the Romanian side, kinda feisty and good at speaking before I think. Guess that's it. I really enjoyed reading your posts Rayzor and Joanna. :) ~Aztec

  • Brummie

    I feel shooooo boring now. I am English pedigree. All generations as far back as I can go (about 5 lol) are all English! Rumour has it that some Irish blood got in there somewhere because we all got dark hair, mostly jet black hair (greying now). However thats just a rumour, any foriegn blood from anscetors who existed before the Lord would have gone now. What a bore huh


  • MrMoe

    Brummie - No, sounds very posh and refined!

  • Anne

    Mr. Moe,

    I wonder how far back we'd have to go to find out if we're related? Bohemia isn't a very big region. My dad is full blood Bohemian, both of his parents were children of immigrants who settled in southern Minnesota. I can relate to what you said about the blood line being strong. I don't look anything like my mom, but if I look at a picture of my great-grandmother I'm a carbon copy (only about 6 inches taller.) Growing up I was always being asked what I was because of the ethnic look of my face.

    My mom is a true mutt. She's German, Italian, Norwegian, and Lakota Sioux, with who know's what else in there.

  • LyinEyes

    On my Dad's side , they are Caddo Adais Indian, (native) and French. They all have very dark skin , hair and eyes.

    My mother's side is all Irish.. As far back in pictures of my moms family, they all had red hair, freckles and white , white skin. Except my evil witch grandmother,,,,,,, she had darker hair, but still had blue eyes, and white skin.

  • Mystery

    English, Irish & Indian.

    Apparently we had family in the "Younger Brother Gang" (outlaws of the West).

  • shera

    I am basically all Irish from both sides,but I have some dutch and perhaps scottish as well.

    That is something I have always wanted to do ,look up my family tree and see where I really come from.

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