Tell Us About Your Culture!

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  • mustang

    Basically, 1/3 French & 1/3 German; both sides picked up 1/3 English or 1/3 Irish on the way to the New World (America, not the one foretold by Brooklyn).


  • OrbitingTheSun
    My Dad was a full blooded Maori.

    Kep, Maori culture is just fascinating. When I was in Rotorua, NZ I stayed with a group of Maoris and it is still one of my most cherished life experiences. Interestingly, when I was there, some people thought that I had Maori blood because I look like many of the women.

    My family history is interesting, but I only know the stories of the relatives who either immigrated here or were born in the United States...

    So, my mother's ancestry is Portuguese, Irish, and a trace of Powhatan Native American. My father was biracial and his ancestry is African and something of western Europe. He died when I was a child, so I don't know as much about his side of the family. There was an article in the newspaper about his family possibly descending from master-slave relations by Jefferson Davis, though.

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