The scariest ..

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  • Brummie

    Smacks head! Oh yeah PD, now I recognise it, I thought I'd seen it before.

    Haha Aztec, I remember my sister almost crying when she was younger, she said "I dont want to be a flamin stepford wife " she meant a JW.

  • ADubsFriend

    I have to agree on the book The Shining being very, very scary. I remember when I read it, I woke up and had to potty....I was shaking so hard while going that I broke out in hives and ended up in ER. It was the first time I ever had hives.

    I just could not get this book out of my head for the longest time. For about 2 months, if I woke up in the night I had to wake my husband up to go with me to the bathroom.

    When the movie came out, it was not scary at all compared to the book. Now, my husband thought it was a good scary movie. But, I am telling you all...there is not a scarier read out there than that book.

    Gosh, I used to enjoy King's books. Somewhere along the line, though, he moved from being scary to grossing a person out. I lost interest then.

  • AGuest

    Yes, Ang... that one... in black and white (and peace to you!). The one where the black guy gets killed at the end. Talk about scary stuff...



  • AGuest

    Me, again...

    What about "Rosemary's Baby" (shudder)... "Bram Stoker's 'Dracula'"... (shudder, shudder)... and "Picture Mommy Dead" ("the worms go in, the worms go out...")...

    (My older sister was a horror flick freak - she LOVED that stuff and always made me watch it with her...)

    I gotta tell 'ya, too, folks... there were some moments in "Jurassic Park I and II" that made me jump and scream. Not "horror", per se... but DEFINITELY scary!

    SJ, of the "I ain't scared 'o no ghosts" class...

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