If you could spend a whole day with anyone .......

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  • SpunkyChick
    Spend a day? Give me one minute. I would like to travel back in time and assassinate Charles Taze Russell as a young boy to prevent the Jehovah's Witness cult from ever being created.

    Reborn - LOL! Great idea!!!!!

  • ashitaka

    The French ancestor which provided my namesake...Jan Concellia. We have such an interesting photo of the man dating back to 1865. I believe that's the year he came to america from France. I would love to know why he came here, and a little of my familys whereabouts in France when he did live there.


  • Pleasuredome

    1. jesus
    2. nimrod
    3. enoch
    4. henry kissinger
    5. oliver cromwell
    6. nikola tesla
    7. leonardo da vinci
    8. Joseph H. Retinger
  • expatbrit

    1. Elizabeth I

    2. The Duke of Wellington

    3. Isaac Newton

    4. Horatio Nelson.

    5. Charles Taze Russell (for the satisfaction of beating the snot out of him).


  • mouthy

    TOM JONES!!!!!!! a night too!!!( the devil is back again)
    Can some of you call him Off!!!!

  • obiwan


  • asleif_dufansdottir

    My grandma and grandpa. In their house like it was when I was a kid. In the summer, so we could go get corn and tomatos out of the garden. What a wonderful day that would be God I miss them, and they've been gone several years

  • Country_Woman

    Reborn, I don't think it would help, by preventing the JW's, I think we would be messed up with another kult - seemingly the right choice when we started. people will allways make mistakes. . But, choosing someone to spend a whole day with ? for example my parents - I want to know who are on some very old pictures - and Brummie ? for he mentioned once that his wife is great: she allways knows what he is thinking before he even knows it....... Loved the way he was talking about her......... CW

  • shera

    My father who died back in 1984,I would love to spend some time with him being sober.

    He was a good person when he wasn't on the booze.

  • Introspection

    I honestly couldn't tell ya until it happend, though I can say that I'm not that interested in getting a nice experience out of it myself, I would more than likely just choose someone I already know as things stand right now, just because.

    "-how fortunate are you and i,whose home
    is timelessness:we who have wandered down
    from fragrant mountains of eternal now

    to frolic in such mysteries as birth
    and death a day(or maybe even less)"--e.e. cummings

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