Why do Jehovah`s Witnesses believe everything will be Hunky Dory after Armageddon ? I have news for them.

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    1) JWs are the worst "Bible Students" on Earth. They routinely ignore the context of Bible passages. They were conditioned ( I refuse to say, "taught." ) to accept snippets that "prove" JWism.

    2) All Xians are "anointed", if you believe the New Testament. It was Boozerford who set up the existing Two-class system of JWism. Modern "anointed" Dubs are just poor bastards who have been unlucky enough to read the context of the New Testament.

    3) Perhaps the "camp of the Holy Ones" is referring to JW World HQ? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


  • EverApostate
    Rev 20: 7 When the thousand years are over, Satan will be released from his prison

    What is the Bond amount ? If not, has Satan completed his term in prison ? Just Curious

  • FedUpJW

    that is not on the Agenda until AFTER Jesus Christ 1000 year reign and only if you are lucky enough to survive another test/war of your loyalty after all you have gone through previously.

    And who is to say that in another 1,000 years there won't be a third test, and a fourth in another 1,000 years and a fifth after that, and ... well we get the idea..

  • ttdtt

    We were trained not to think.

    That's how.

  • MrRoboto

    so looks like best bets to get past big A & 1000yrs with minimal fuss is to die now, before the trouble starts. You don't want tot be destroyed at big A do you?

    In fact, if you practice some gross sin in the 1000 yrs, you will die as a young (wo)man so best to stop while you're ahead there too and live it up!

    Of course their entire understanding of all these events is from self-appointed men twisting the written word to suit their own desires.

  • Diogenesister
    Smiddy 😂😂made me laugh the Bible states they number the sands of the seashore and they advanced over the breadth of the earth and encircled the camp {not a Nation but a camp} of the Holy ones.and the beloved city.

    I've no doubt the little darlings all assume they will be the ones safely tucked in the little camp, whilst those dissenters will no doubt be the 20 billion ( I think some expert once estimated) resurrected ones, the sum total who had lived before Armageddon, since they missed it first time around!!

  • atomant

    so l will attempt to make sense of this.Jw's survive harmageddon then there is the resurrection.In a paradise earth where kids can play with snakes and mosquitos wont bite and cause disease.After about a thousand years everyone has reached perfection and are perfectly aware of what happened one thousand years previous with the 1st harmageddon.Then god releases satan and his minions to suck in as many as possible again only for them to die again in the second harmageddon.Just imagine the grief and heartache of losing loved ones in a perfect paradise world.A question l always had as a kid was as follows.l reasoned that by the time the one thousand years was up everyone alive would be perfect in mind ,body and spiritually.There would be no question as to whether or not satan actually existed and there would be irrefutable proof that the 1st harmageddon took place as people survived it and others were resurrected.Either way people would be 100% believers in god.So knowing all this why would so many fall into satans trap the second time around knowing they will die?Either they want to die because paradise earth isn't what its cracked up to be or its all BS.The latter seemed to make more sense to me as a kid.

  • venus

    In scriptures and in their interpretations we would find inconsistencies.Why? In this connection, Richard Dwakins makes an interesting observation in his God Delusion: "Why anything exists at all. What breathes life into the equations, and actualized them in a real cosmos? Such questions lie beyond science, however: they are the province of philosophers and theologians.' I would prefer to say that if indeed they lie beyond science, they most certainly lie beyond the province of theologians as well. What expertise can theologians bring to deep cosmological questions that scientists cannot? Why are scientists so cravenly respectful towards the ambitions of theologians, over questions that theologians are certainly no more qualified to answer than scientists themselves?"

  • Confusedalot

    I remember reading parts of Revelation 21 to people to show them what life after Armageddon would be like. No tears pain etc. This is so sad, and one fiery death and judgement too early.

  • WTWizard

    I have even worse news for them. Armageddon is simply the global communization of everything. Everyone will be enslaved under the worst imaginable conditions, and joke-hova's "chosen" will rule with an iron fist. You dissent, you get shot or go to the gulags. Once all the "nations" have been exterminated (they will be degraded and then worked to death), joke-hova's "chosen" parasites will have no host and then they, too, will perish. At which point, joke-hova and its reptilians will simply infest another planet and ruin that one, too, as they did with the earth.

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