Tell me why I bother?????

by asleif_dufansdottir 25 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • DevonMcBride

    The website is The group is the Jehovah's Witnesses Challenges and Critique board.

    I don't post over on that group but enjoy lurking and reading the nutty JW's make the Watchtower look even worse. They never answer questions and make really weak arguments. If I even considered becoming a JW they would turn me off.

  • DevonMcBride


    I read your posts there. In one of the posts someone "accidentally" referred to Oldgrm as "oldgerm"

  • RedhorseWoman

    Asleif, my dear, you are doing more good than you might realize. I love seeing your posts. You make great points, and you are saving me millions of me on this. LOL

    Sometimes I get really frustrated over there, but then I'll get emails from some of the posters who want to know the scoop about the WT, and I'm more than happy to assist. I've also gotten emails from several lurkers/posters who are trying to deal with some really nasty JW stuff, and I think I've been able to help somewhat. Some of these people are too shy to post on this board, and some DO come over here to check things out and then stay.

    It gets frustrating, but it somehow seems worth it.....most of the time. LOL

  • pseudoxristos

    LOL, They're nutty over there.

    I signed up, and gave oldgrm my 2 cents on RedHorse Womans theard "Interesting Quote". I really don't expect a reply.


  • WildHorses

    may I ask what board you are referring to?


  • pseudoxristos

    Here's the link.

    You have to navigate to
    Home > Community > Discussions > Jehovah's Witnesses > Jehovah's Witnesses Challenge & Critique

    The following link might work.

    have fun


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    There is nothing more dangerous than a closed mind, whether it be JW or x-JW.

  • Sunspot


    I sent an apology to you over on B-net and didn't realize until this morning that you had replied to me here. I had said I was sorry, that I had thought you were someone else that I "recognized" (from yet another forum-but under another s/n) and that I had made a mistake. You must have been going bananas trying to figure out how you told me about B-net if you've never ever posted, haha!

    The persistent JWs there just infuriate me at times, and I have to take a break when I begin to get too involved! I tend to forget the "lurkers" that RHW mentioned, who are reading our rebuttals and taking it all in.

    I'll probably pop in from time to time again and stick my nose in when the spirit moves me, lol!


    Annie aka CanWeTalk aka Sunspot

  • FreeWilly


    I read your posts on beliefnet all the time. If you notice when a thought is logically and factually presented it is only the stubborn, hardcore JW's who will persist in justifying the Society at all costs. All JW's are not that stupid. They can see (by reading the illogical JW replys) how ridiculous it is to try to justify the crap put out by the Society. That’s why many refrain from posting when the facts are clearly presented. They would have to put on an idiot suit to try to defend some of this stuff. For example, look at all of the justifications made over the Society's UN involvement. I'm quite sure that if the average JW knew all of the facts they would do some serious rethinking. I think it is just as powerful to see how unreasonable they are expected to be in order to defend the Society's position. Oldgrm, Blindshutter and others are precious to me. They illustrate vividly what many of us say all the time.... You have to be a knucklehead to believe everything that comes from the Society.


  • DevonMcBride

    I noticed the one posting under the name Learning Is Fun accuses everyone of lying when they tell their personal experiences. These are the nuttiest, most brain-dead group of JW's I've seen. I lurk there often but only posted for the first time yesterday. A few months ago the Rand Cam stock was brought up and one of the JW's insinuated the SEC/Reg Technologies filing was a lie because "why would the Watchtower lie?" LOL

    To a non-witness like myself, it amazes me how narrow-minded they are.

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