Need input: elders showed up at our door today

by de-opresso-liber 24 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Vidiot
    Smiddy - "I think 'apparent apostasy' has become so rife in the organization now, that they are now shooting from the hip..."

    I agree.

    Even stuff from WTHQ is suggesting that there could be "secret apostates" sitting next to you at the Kingdom Hall (whilst also telling you to draw closer to the congregation, as JWs are the only people one can truly trust ).

    The loyalists must be getting paranoid.

    At the rate they're alienating anyone with doubts or questions these days, the'll be doing our job better and faster than us before too long. :smirk:

  • de-opresso-liber

    Thanks everyone. After sleeping on it, I have a fresh perspective. They have no authority over me and I am not going to play their game. They can disfellowship us if they choose and my guess is the Borg will be operating on zero tolerance going forward anyway. They can have their crazy made up cult, we are moving on with our life. We have some incredibly wonderful things happening for us on other fronts right now, going to just stay focused on those things and leave the madness to these lunatics. Hope you all enjoy your Sunday, it's beautiful where we are at.

  • Finkelstein

    de-opresse-liber ... Congratulations on your freedom from this disingenuous corrupt religoius publishing house/cult.

    A thought to ponder upon ..........

    Since this organization has been cultivated and built up upon so much lies, disillusions , pretentiousness and corruption. is it so unexpected that its members were placed under a closely regulated magnifying glass to over look what they were saying, how they were looking and what they were doing.

    The Watchtower's psychological game it played onto people is proclaim what its devoted members were doing was in faithful servitude and loyalty to Jehovah but what was really taking place is their members were being devoted toward the intentional needs of the Watchtower Publishing house, along with all of its corruptly devised doctrines created to support the proliferation of the WTS's publications.

  • LongHairGal


    My guess for why the CO wants this handled quickly is because the longer a questioning/doubting JW is around to make "noise", the more likely he/she might make OTHER Witnesses start questioning things!

    They either want to get the questioning JW back on board OR kick them out by disfellowshipping them so the idiots there can't talk to them.

    It's ALL about suppressing the bad information you have!

    As long as you are moving on with your life, none of what they do should matter to you. Good luck on your journey out of there!

  • kairos

    The most important moment for me was that the elders have ZERO authority over any of us.

    Knowing what I know now, I would have DA'd four years ago instead of reigning as a MS.

    The freedom to live life without cult influence is the best.

    When an elder showed up at my door, I couldn't help myself:

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