Need input: elders showed up at our door today

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  • de-opresso-liber

    So as I announced last week, my wife and I started our fade and I sent in a letter to our body that I was stepping down and cited the ARC as the reason and insisted that we not be bothered. My wife told a few relatives in person that we weren't going to attend meetings any longer (immediate shunning occurred, the new videos must be effective) and that what we found with the ARC shocked us etc etc. I have an inside track on how this is all going down by an awake elder on the body, CO told them to handle the matter quickly. So, what's you guy's take? We hitting the chopping block or you think this is an effort to "shepherd"? Reason I'm asking is because if they are going to burn us down I am going full blown activist and I have a huge email and social media address book of JWs all over the country since we were so involved for so long and plan on sending "my thoughts" prior to the teardown if that's what's coming,.

    p.s. we didn't answer the door

  • blondie

    Depends on how you worded your statements about ARC. If it was open-ended or a statement that they did not have God's favor. It sounds like whatever you said was to 2 people at least.

    It all depends on how the elders interpret it.

  • DNCall

    It also depends on you. Given what you have said, i doubt that you will be willing to be "shepherded." It sounds like you are through telling the elders what they want to hear. You should expect to be led from the pasture to the slaughterhouse.

    Good idea about sending your thoughts prior to getting chopped, though.

  • de-opresso-liber

    Thanks blondie, I am normally a pretty relaxed person, but them showing up unannounced after asking we be left alone just made my blood boil. Zero respect. Will have to see if I get more info through the grapevine I guess.

  • No Apologies
    No Apologies

    Sending a letter to the elders telling them about ARC is not how you fade. It's one step away from sending a DA latter. Expect to be shunned by the majority of your JW acquaintances.


    We hitting the chopping block or you think this is an effort to "shepherd"?

    We`re Only Here To Help..

  • freddo

    If you have an elder on the inside helping you then can't you ask him what their intention is?

    Rest assured they are there to ask you the "Do you believe the GB are the FDS" question.

    If cornered just lie if you don't want to be DFD just yet.

    But why let them corner you?

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Huh? How is the Australopithecine Retrogradation Community (ARC) involved in your life? No one is supposed to know about this!

    In other words, if you are going to use a buzzword, PLEASE define it at least once!

    Otherwise I.D.R.G.A.F.F.W.Y.D..

  • notalone

    I guess the question is are you ready to be completely shut off or do you think by being quiet you may actually benefit someone.If you want everyone to get this information do this quickly before they get cautious.The reaction will be quick and complete shunning. You will be gossiped about for some time and friends and family will be repeatedly questioned about you. People will also become suspicious of anyone trying to defend you. If you keep up with the slow fade you will still have those that won't talk to you but you may be able to slowly reason with some.If you have older ones that you don't want to upset at this time go for the slow. I bit of advice about going slow- be proud! You have nothing to be ashamed about. You don't have to make a full accounting to them just because they ask..If you see someone in the store walk right up and ask them about service, a meeting or a recent assembly. Get them talking- they like that. If they ask where you are going simply say you are going through something and you don't want to share that information with them at that time.

  • Crazyguy

    I'm seeing that now they move quick to kill the problem JW. In my local area a brother just asked a few questions and had a discussion with his elder at his house. Before he knew it he and his wife were being thrown under the bus with a marking talk.

    They used to do what the Bible said and attempt two admonishments but now I think thier just going for the throat.

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