Arsenal, Southampton, The FA Cup & Number 3 Son.

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  • Englishman

    Just got a text message from Ben. He's a student in Cardiff. He's also an avid Portsmouth supporter, and guess what Cardiff is teeming with right now? Yup, Southampton supporters, Portsmouth's deadliest rivals.

    But, get this, has Ben landed himself a plum job or what?

    He's actually working temporarilyfor a catering company in the players hospitality lounge right in the Millenium Stadium itself. Big windows too so he can watch Arsenal give Saints an almighty drubbing whilst he's working. Lucky eh ?

    So then, I reckon the FA Cup score will be Arsenal 3 Southampton 1.

    Dear Lord, please don't let Southampton win, please please.....!

    Any forecasts?


  • Pleasuredome

    southampton will win 2 - 1

  • Dansk


  • Shutterbug

    I realize I'm getting up in years, and an American, but I can't for the life of me see what watching a bunch of grown men in shorts, running up and down a cow pasture, kicking a round ball, does for anyone. Hell, they can't even get the ball into a goal that would be big enough for a living room for most people. Try American Football, as it repuires more skills and is more interesting.

    On the other hand, I once saw a soccer player get kicked between his legs, which made things interesting, to say the least. Sure ruined his whole day. Bug

  • Mystery

    Speaking as an American - Shutterbug apparently you have never played the sport. I am making an assumption, due to the ignorance of the information in your post. First you can't or shouldn't play soccer in a cow pasture due to obstacles that may be in the line of attack. But with football you could play in a cow pasture after all, the only thing the men in tight pants are doing is trying to knock the crap out of each other.

    As far as kicking a ball into room as big as most people’s living room, I again can see your ignorance in the soccer sport. I guess some people have a living room 8’x24’x3’-8’ base; I think I remember my parents fishin’ camper the entire dimension being about 8’x24’ I don’t remember a living room suite or TV or anything like that being able to fit in it. But of course there has to be at least room for a TV so that you can sit and watch and critique.

    Try American Football, as it repuires more skills and is more interesting.

    This again is your biased opinion – as an American and getting up in years.

    I would put my soccer team up against your football team in endurance, accuracy, and skill any day of the week. Oh – or do you just sit on the side-lines (or couch) and watch?

    If you don’t like the sport and feel that there is no skill or endurance or athletic ability in the sport just stick with your football. And since you brought up football. Can you answer this: Why does one tight pants running man earn more than one point for crossing a 100 yd ( a whole lot bigger than a soccer goal)? Maybe if soccer changed its scoring systems to getting 6 points for a goal; so that the scores “look bigger” it would make a difference.

    Since you are “getting’ up in years” I am sure you remember one of the Golden Rules:
    If you can’t say something nice – don’t say it at all. Especially, if ignorance prevails in your opinion.

  • funkyderek
    Try American Football, as it repuires more skills and is more interesting.

    Mmm, kind of like rugby only the players are wrapped in padding. Pussies!

  • Englishman

    Arsenal 1 Southampton 0.

    A deserved win for the Gunners in a match that was not particularly memorable.


  • qwerty

    Not a big Footie follower myself but.............Arsenal should just about win

    The Q

  • Dansk

    OK, no real surprise that Arsenal won but, as you say Eman, the game wasn't memorable. In fact, it was absolute garbage and a waste of a Saturday afternoon. It was so bad, in fact, that my wife took four bags of rubbish to the tip during the game!

    Right, so it's Arsenal v Manchester United for the Charity Shield at the start of next season. Well Arsenal certainly won't find the Red Devils so easy. In fact, I very much look forward to adding the shield to our rapidly expanding silverware cupboard.

    Dansk - Red through and through (since the late 1950s)

  • qwerty

    Whoooooooooooops they already did!

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