thrown for a loop by Elder

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  • onacruse

    integ, when I was first DFd (~1980), 2 of the elders on my committee had tears in their eyes. One came over to my home and literally pleaded with me. A CO also came over and engaged me in a meaningful exchange, out of what I truly think was his own deep personal concern, and yes, even love, for me. But WTS policy won the day.

    I got reinstated, and 20 years later I was yet again in front of a committee (again for apostasy). The chairman of my committee, who was also the PO, and a man who spent time in prison in WW2 because of his convictions, had/has (and I'm sure of this) nothing but love in his heart for me. He'd always been a good friend, and as far as I'm concerned, is a good man. Another CO (now one of the "Nethinim") also shared his deep personal thoughts with me, and held no causes against me. He too was, in my estimation, a good man. But, again, WTS policy won the day.

    That's why I sharply distinguish between the JW organization, and most of the JW people that have been enslaved to that organization.


  • logansrun

    Any person from any religion can be "nice" and "peaceful." I remember preaching to this older Evangelical man when I was a Dub and he seemed so confident and grandfatherly. (He also made some good points about the NWT adding "other" in Phil. 2:5,6...or is it Collosians? Anyway...).

    Look at the Dalai Lama or Ghandi. They are/were peaceful to the point of almost seeming divine. But, they aint Jehoober Witnesses!

    I have NO doubts about "what if they are right." Hell, I've bet my life on that and I feel damn comfortable about my decision. I hope you can work through this.


  • confuzcious

    This is no different from love bombing when you were first coming into the truth.

    Funny, how much of these things didn't mean diddly when you were working your ass off for them.

    Only when you back off, and don't care about "privileges" then it's suddenly different.

    Just look at it when people are first studying.

  • Ravyn


    I imagine this will get lost somewhere on page two--everyone has so many accurate points in their posts. But replying to your original post, I first thought that you were almost right about the 'maybe it is the truth--or atleast A TRUTH' thing you said...yes it is A TRUTH. the key to it is tho it is that particular elder's truth and that is why he can come across so quietly serene and spiritual. HE is. It is enough for him right now. That is not a crime. But our individual truths change all the time and his may just do that to someday. So rather than take the man as an example of the religion, turn it around and make the man the key in this. He is a spiritual person who happens to be content right now. That is something to admire. But don't get his truth mixed up with yours. No doubt both are going to change many more times before anyone is privvy to the 'ultimate truth'--if there is such a thing. (which I do not believe there is.)


  • JamesThomas

    Hey Integ, Perhaps this elder is aware. Aware that you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. The Witnesses are just people of which we will find the entire spectrum of nice to not. On their own they are what they are. The Collective -- on the other hand -- is


  • Soledad

    I remember around 1997 while I was slowly drifting out how one sister (who claimed to be annointed)

    called my house one day completely out of the blue. She didn't wasn't even an attendee at my

    congregation at the time, we were once part of one congregation that split up in the late 1980s. She

    called me and asked me what did I think I was doing. I dont remember the exact reply I gave her, but I

    think I told her to mind her own business, politely. That was just one example of how while I was drifting

    away many many "brothers and sisters" feigned some kind of concern for me, meanwhile all througout

    the years I had been a faithful JW, attended all the stupid meeting and assemblies, no one cared and

    they would downright exclude me from their inner circles.

  • Azalo

    I know many great people who are JW's, including many members of my family, but it doesnt change the fallacy that is their religion. (and every other for that matter IMO)

  • cruzanheart

    integ, I know how you feel, but remember that there are good and bad people in all religions and all groups of people but that is not necessarily indicative of the feeling of the group as a whole. I know a lot of very nice Jehovah's Witnesses, but that doesn't change what the organization's policies are, or how people in general are treated.


  • Buster

    Hey, we love ya too. Its just that we expect you to be respoinsible and think on your own. You decide.

  • Sunnygal41

    Once, when I was still "in", I was trying to explain the very embarrassing actions of a "sister" to a "worldly" woman.....I will repeat verbatim what she said to me, cuz it's so true and puts your experience into perspective:

    "There are assholes in every religion"

    That goes for nice, loving, kind people too. But, his behavior and the behavior of a few open minded/hearted souls does not change the fact that what the WT teaches is false and self serving.


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