thrown for a loop by Elder

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  • integ

    'Just when I'm about to get out, they keep pulling me back in"- Godfather 3.

    This quote does'nt truly apply to me, but just when i am convinced there are absolutely no redeemable qualities about the Borg this really nice elder comes up to me and very calmly tells me how much i am loved and missed at the meetings, to not feel any pressure, and that Jehovah will always be there for me, and that he (the elder) would too. He had a very calm, serene, quality about him. Came off as truly "spiritual". The kind of guy that the rank and file would call "anointed like". This throws me for a loop sometimes, cuz it makes me think..."man ...maybe this is the truth" Or at least maybe it is " A truth". Then i think .."the devil transforms himself into an angel of light" Maybe HE'S the devil being spoke of. There are a couple of others at the Hall that act in this kind, caring, manner, and it always screws with my head. Nobody need respond to this if you don't want, i just thought i'd throw this one out there, and maybe someone else has experienced things such as this...



  • SheilaM

    Nope they all suck here

  • searchfothetruth

    Have you never heard of 'Good Cop, Bad Cop?'

  • Billygoat


    You must keep in mind that the elder you spoke of is just one little cog in the Wheel of Watchtower Life. Yes, there are kind and good Jehovah's Witnesses that practice what the Bible teaches. But that doesn't make the Watchtower right. Be kind to that elder and thank him and it's completely understandable how you might miss some of the "comfort" that comes with familiar surroundings. But be careful. If it came down to it, the WTS doesn't give a hoot what that elder says or does as long as he's attending their meetings, giving contributions, and following orders.


  • shamus

    I agree with everyone....

    Think of the facts. Don't think of one elders niceness.... he may and probably is geniunely a good person! Remember that hundreds more in his place are not!

  • blondie

    Actions speak louder than words. Talk is cheap.

    If everyone misses you and loves you at the KH, has anyone called or sent a card? If you had a flat tire, would they come over and help you change it? If your mother suddenly went to the hospital, would they volunteer to pick up the kids at school?

    Think back to how these people have talked about others behind their back; be assured that is how they talk about you to other people.


  • wednesday

    TY Blondie for putting it all back into perspective.


  • Dansk
    .."the devil transforms himself into an angel of light"

    Well, I don't know about the Devil, but if you just read some of the threads here you'll get a good indication of the Watchtower as a whole. The guy who visited you may or may not be genuine. However, the organisation he represents IS genuine! GENUINELY NASTY!!


  • shera

    Out of all the Jw's in my cong,perhaps one elder was very nice,but he was DF. There was another elder that I thought a lot of,but he seemed He was a sweet man.

    It always seemed like the the ones who were not strong in the Jw's were the kind people,they seemed like the true christians .

  • acsot

    I know what you mean. Lately I've been running around like mad (and totally stressed) because of my mother's possible cardiac surgery in the near future. No elder has called to offer help or support. A couple of them made token visits to my mother (after I called them) but nothing else. My "worldly" neighbour, whom I barely know, ran out to meet me the night the ambulance came and shoved a piece of paper in my hand. It had her phone number on it and she said that if I needed her to call anyone at any time just to let her know. The day after she offered to help water the plants, feed the cats, whatever, if I didn't have time to do so. The elders/ministerial servants, have done nothing.

    However, some of the rank and file dubs have been very kind, offering help, visiting my mother, making her laugh, etc. However, it is because they as individuals are like that, not because of the teachings of the Watchtower Society. I also suspect that these genuinely kind-hearted ones do so at the same time as going through the cognitive dissonance that inevitably results when they contrast true Christ-like behaviour (which they are displaying as individuals) and the cold indifference and apathy which is the by-product Watchtower policy and doctrine.

    One nice person (or one nice congregation or one nice circuit) doesn't transform a cult into the "truth".

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