Nowadays How Does One Become An Elder?

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  • sparrowdown

    I agree with you, asp59.

  • FedUpJW

    How does one become an elder?

  • DesirousOfChange

    I think you have to be able to fog a mirror and kiss ass without getting your nose TOO dirty.

    The difference between a brown nose and a shit head is merely depth perception.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    pretty much the whole 'social' aspect dictates whether a man becomes an 'eldub' or not.

  • minimus


  • Crazyguy

    The guy that said no brain is right that’s the key. You have to be a mindless drone!

  • AllTimeJeff

    In spite of all the changes in WT policy and how CO's are used.... I think that the influence you have on the local elder body and the CO still matter most to get appointed... And how desperate certain congregations/circuits need

    If you want to be an elder, make sure you have outdoor plumbing... ;) Make great comments without quite reading them from the WT, go out in FS, support EVERYTHING the elders say, and you will eventually be an elder. Once appointed, you get to read depressing, soul sucking letters from the branch office, deal with pedophile cases involving more soul sucking letters from the GB, sit in on judicial committees that make you question what the f*ck you were thinking, have 2-3 meeting parts a week that at first, you initially prepare the hell out of, but then get in a routine where you realize that practically reading a WT article from the platform will save you hours of time and you can get on with the mundane existence you have sadly settled on... Don't forget to pretend you care at your next CO's visit!!

    Geez, that's depressing. My advice, don't become an elder.... ;)

    It isn't holy spirit, it's influence. Which is, from what I have gathered from a hearty reading of the NWT, is what holy spirit really is. Influence on a persons mind.

    If you perceive this influence to be "god", you're a JW on the way to whatever you think you're getting.

    If you perceive JW's a cult, then influence is not holy spirit, JW's influence is based on WT articles and "Kingdumb Melodies" that make you feel good that you believe some really peculiar bullshit. Also you may want inordinate power, and have occasional delusions of grandeur. You wouldn't be the first...

    Having been sucked into this whole thing, and having the borg take advantage of my natural ambition, I am not particularly kind to how they manipulate young men into their leadership circle jerk,but I realize that nothing will change that.

  • stuckinarut2

    Strong knees, and a flexible body

  • SouthCentral

    I have heard of sisters handling the Microphones and taking Responsibilities that were reserved for men in the past. It’s surprising if The organization remains strict on their requirements.

  • belogical

    having a father elder and grandfather elder and pioneer the month the CO visits and yr in the club. no need to pioneer after appointment.

    and a sweet short skirted hip wife will be fine.

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