At 1.4% growth the last 2 years, it's safe to say, and cart witnessing is an abject failure!

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  • nowwhat?

    So much for Jehovah blessing this new arrangement. They are barely keeping up with the birthrate! So basically the org spent millions of dollars on their website and broadcasting so the only growth they are still getting comes from born ins and illiterate and superstitious folks from africa

  • DesirousOfChange

    2 BILLION hours in "evangelizing" (mostly at Starbucks or McDonald's) and a net increase of about 100,000 Pubs.

    Jesus must be VERY disappointed in his PR Dept!

  • eyeuse2badub

    We're witnessing the failure of the witnesses "witnessing"! But, as a side note, we are witnessing the increase sales at Starbucks!

    just saying!

  • Darth FayDehr
    Darth FayDehr

    The figures are doctored. I need to do more research, but it's a fact that WT report UK (Britain) population DROPPED! Yet the UN figures, and the UK government official figures show that the UK population has need INCREASING for decades. The WT 2018 report UK population 2 million LESS than reality. This skews the "publisher ratio" in favour of WT. I am doing more research going back 20 years using the UN figures, and the UK government figures. I will then compare other countries. Smells like someone is cooking the books!

  • careful

    Please don't get offended, but you are assuming the goal of the cart project is to convert newbies. Some have commented on other posts here that his may not be the case, but the whole cart undertaking is mainly to help pioneers and elders get easy field service time in. If any converts come about from it, that is an unintended side product.

    Another view is that they have changed their whole perspective on making disciples, at least in Western lands, wanting now to look somehow—in their eyes—more mainstream.

    These ideas are something to think about.

    That their numbers of real converts are basically down is undeniable.

  • steve2

    Thst’s true, careful. But do keep in mind that a large proportion of the literature on the carts is aimed at an introductory level toward those who don’t know much about JWs. So, even though you are correct (the cart work has purposes other than to bring people in to the organization) your average JW would honestly believe they are trying to find “newly interested ones”. From that point of view, it is an abject failure.

  • WillYouDFme

    Absolutely and completely predictable.

    Even as an IN ELDER, I was very concerned at the changes that I was seeing.

    1. Get rid of the book study? - How will MSs get trained to be Elders and teachers?

    2. The continued cutting of teaching parts on the Service Meeting and School.

    3. Shortening Public talks (though that was a blessing because 95% of speakers were incoherent.

    4. Then all the big changes to the meetings which GUTTED any semblance of training anyone on how to speak in public.

    It was OBVIOUS that teaching was not a priority, nor was converting anyone.

  • joe134cd

    I was watching the Ceders video which compared the rate of growth over a decade. In the country in which I reside, JWs have spent the last 10 years to not even hold onto their children. Perhaps their time may of been better spent at McDonald's, then perhaps they may of at least held onto their children.

    The thing that gets me however, is an organization that knows where it's losses are, and instead trying to turn it around by creating an environment for its youth. It still keeps beating the same drum. Focusing on its youth would be require far less effort ( it's a captive audience) and be far cheaper to retain ( they are under their parents roof), than what it ever would to get a person out of the territory.

    Just simple things could make such a difference. The churches that I have attended will have a shared lunch after the Sunday services. It gives the members a chance to fellowship and creates a social environment. Even if Wt could just have a cup of tea after the Sunday meeting, could make a huge difference. It's not costly, it isn't pagan and there is no scriptual president to say it's wrong. Some of those old dears would relish in it. But "nah" it's just follow along in your watchtower. Any wonder they only have 40 people sitting in a building that once housed 100.

  • Crazyguy

    Cart witnessing is kicking ass. In the Congo they got them set up near rivers and the people coming from a long day of fishing and running from crocodiles are lining up in droves to speak with ones and take book written in foreign languages.

  • newdawnfades

    A few of the posters here are a bit confused. Any Publisher can man the cart. However not anyone can man the cart in what is designated a metropolitan cart location. "Met Witnessing" as it is known is exactly the same as your local Dubs manning the cart at a local station in Hicksville, but in the big city. The carts in the centre of the big city are manned all the time by specially approved Publishers who are given a time slot for their turn, usually three hours, weeks in advance. They may travel a long distance to do this. They get to count their travelling time and get a break which they can count too. The local carts which you see outside tourist hot spots in big cities are manned by any publisher who fancies getting a few hours in while chatting to their friends.

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