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  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    That's because sometimes hypocrisy knows no bounds!!
  • Dunedain

    I actually remember, about 10 years ago, there was a story on a show, i think? it was Dateline, and it was about a JW family. The story was following them during the families ordeal where one of the children had cancer. If i remember correctly, it didnt even focus that much on the "blood" issue. It was more about how a very religious family goes thru an ordeal like this one.

    I remember, that the whole family, from Mother, Father, and a few children, including of course the child with cancer, were all in the "truth". They were a black family, from America, but i forget what state they were in.

    Dateline? followed the family while they were getting diagnoses from doctors, getting care, preparations, and surgeries for the child with cancer, and all the while how their "faith" was involved, and affected during this ordeal.

    The thing that stuck the most with me, and is the point of this post, was that the family during the "show" was CONSTANTLY praying to Jehovah for "help" for the child. The family was praying out loud to Jehovah, right before the child was getting her surgery. They were praying to Jehovah that he would "cure" the cancer, that he would fix the illness, and so on.

    As the episode progressed, and i remember the JW child WAS eventually cured, and all treatments, and surgeries were successful, the family was ALWAYS thanking Jehovah, and praising Jehovah, out loud, and in front of the camera for all to see.

    I found this very interesting because, you know, the GB had to be aware of this, and that a JW family was doing a very "public" TV show, and showing "sensitive" info for the world to see. So, this JW family was "allowed" to ask Jehovah to help/heal/fix their child, and get them thru the other side of the care, healthy and well. Also, that the GB even allowed the cameras, and the family to do this, was interesting. What if the child DID die. It would have REALLY painted a bad picture for the WTS's God, but the GB rolled the dice and "won" that one.

    Does anyone else remember seeing this episode? Again, it was either Dateline, or definitely a show like Dateline.

  • paul from cleveland
    paul from cleveland
    Not far from where I live, three young girls were abducted and held captive for over 10 years. They were raped, beaten, chained, tortured, etc, until they finally were able to escape. Do you really think God is answering prayers for gas money while letting those girls suffer all that time and countless other situations like it? And if he does, why would you worship a God like that? I would have zero respect for a God that answered my prayers.
  • smiddy

    Well off Jw`s in our hall praised Jah for selling there house when they wanted to move into a bigger mansion


  • Crazyguy
    I remember the young jw woman in Oregon that was kidnapped by a jw man and raped and killed. Where was Jehovah? All those people killed in that KH during that cyclone in the Philippines, where was Jehovah? Some guy gets a few bucks while going out in service for gas, Jehovah is great! Its called the god delusion and a lot of people have it.
  • Ucantnome
    I always thought the answer to prayers was related to kingdom interest and faith. The apostle Paul was shipwrecked beaten and finally executed.
  • prologos
    the depressedsoul: "see what you are saying but it still doesn't explain why they say Jehovah intervenes for some things and yet when it comes to sickness/accidents that he stays completely out of it. wt's answer to that question was: If we would be favoured in every way, all people would flock to the khs and we would not really be tested, find worthy prospective NW citizen. God right now just gives some sample help, like the sample miracles of 'Jesus" ;-- now if I could just be part of the sample.
  • stuckinarut2

    Fantastic thread!

    This is a key point that all witnesses need to wrap their minds around!

    Either God helps, or he does not. And the selective things he "helps" with are very vague at best!

  • punkofnice
    brothers giving experiences at conventions

    He didn't help the Lillelid family

    But then, I don't believe in god/s - therefore the answer is easy for me...imaginary magical men in the sky can't intervene in anything.

  • jwfacts

    He does when he does and doesn't when he doesn't, and who are you to question Jehovah.

    Isn't that the answer to every JW question, a yes when it is convenient and a no when it isn't?

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