Pregnant and Unaware?

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  • Shakita

    Every now and then you hear on the news that a woman has given birth to a baby and never realized that she was pregnant. Oh, come on now, there are enough changes in a woman's body for her to know that something is just astounds me that nine months can go by without the woman suspecting a thing.....unless you are numb from the neck down, or two cards short of a deck.

    Surprise! You're having a baby

    Thursday, May 15, 2003 Posted: 10:51 AM EDT (1451 GMT)

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    LAKELAND, Florida (AP) -- A woman who went to the emergency room thinking she was having an anxiety attack ended up giving birth in a hospital restroom.

    "She didn't realize she was pregnant," Lakeland Regional Medical Center spokeswoman Cindy Sternlicht said. "When they asked if she had any reason to believe she was pregnant, she said, 'No.'"

    Other patients waiting in the emergency room Tuesday heard the woman's screams from the restroom. They later broke into applause when a nurse emerged with the baby girl wrapped in a pink blanket.

    Sternlicht said there was no time to get the woman on a stretcher or to a room.

    About 25 nurses and paramedics surrounded the woman while she gave birth.

    Sheila Holton was at the hospital when the 1:20 p.m. birth occurred.

    "I was hysterical because this lady was screaming bloody murder," Holton said.

    The mother asked that no information be released about her or her child. Officials said the baby is healthy and that the mother was "healthy and smiling."

    Mrs. Shakita

  • teenyuck
    About 25 nurses and paramedics surrounded the woman while she gave birth.

    Talk about overkill!

  • Princess
    About 25 nurses and paramedics surrounded the woman while she gave birth.

    That must have been some restroom! I have heard these stories and just can't imagine not knowing. Maybe she was very overweight or something? How can you not know? My babies kicked hard and Zoe had hiccups all the time, so bad they made my belly jump each time. Not to mention the other million symptoms!

  • Joyzabel

    Denial is a wonderful thing!

    The mind plays tricks like you would not believe.


  • Scully

    We see it in our hospital a couple of times a year.

    Often very overweight women do not ovulate every month and do not have regular menstrual periods. If you haven't had menstrual periods for several years due to obesity, and became pregnant, you would not "miss" your period the way another woman would if she was pregnant.

    When a birth like this comes as a complete shock, the woman has to be watched very carefully - it's these cases that are high risk for the woman having postpartum psychosis, which is also extremely rare, but very very devastating if not detected.

    Love, Scully

  • Princess
    We see it in our hospital a couple of times a year.

    Really? I'm amazed it is so common. Your explanation makes sense though. Thanks for the info!

  • caligirl

    Now I can see not knowing for a few months if you are irregular or something, but I can't imagine going the whole 9 months and going into labor without ever knowing you're pregnant!!

  • Mulan

    I wonder what they think all the kicking is. Those babies really move around and hurts as you get closer to delivery too.

  • SheilaM

    Ok, so you don't have your period your fat so you think you've gained weight. So, as Mulan said what about the kicking. I mean with both of mine I had little hands sticking out, my stomach would roll as the baby turned. I could trace Anthony's foot as he pushed it out. I mean HELLLLLLLLLLO I guess I don't get it. I don't know anyone EVER that couldn't tell. I mean I didn't know at first with the baby I lost but heck it wasn't to the kicking stage yet????<perplexed>

  • Joyzabel

    Good questions, ladies.

    I've seen pts say they weren't pregnant but they have bad gas!

    I've seen pts claim they are pregnant with kicking and it's their gallbladder acting up with bad gas!

    I've even had one pt come in wondering why she couldn't see, swearing she was not pregnant with such advanced pre-eclampsia that she had lost her sight. Healthy baby was c/sectioned stat out of her and 6 weeks later I didn't recognize at her 6 week check up because she had lost 60 lb of fluid. Yes fluid from her severe "toxemia" that she still laughed and said she didn't know she was pregnant.

    Unfortunately, it is young teens, frightened to tell their parents that they are sexually active, that come in with a stomach ache and be full term. It is hard to tell the parents that it is a full term baby while they are denying their child is even pregnant.

    Look at the clothes the teens wear. Tight spandex pants with big, big tops. Why do you think that has become the style but to hide things.

    Oh well, don't get me going on prego stories, got thousands.


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