WATCHTOWER Is Trying To Put Cameras In All of Their Kingdom Halls

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  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    I don’t think there is anything to see here. Well except on the cameras.

    Not a bad idea. Cameras deter vandalism. Even when the cameras are fake. The KHs I attended constantly got vandalized. During the meetings cars were keyed or car windows smashed. Specifically cars parked in the neighborhood because the lot was full.

    I cant imagine anybody wants to watch meetings that isn’t part of the congregation. I don’t think it’s like some big brother episode. Probably more like grandma can call in on the phone and watch billy give a talk. They are trying to get more high tech. Makes sense to me. From a security and meeting attendance increase standpoint. Nothing nefarious.

  • StarryNight9

    Perhaps they'll introduce it as a dial-in upgrade, then make it available to everyone, and then switch to a broadcast from HQ instead when a KH is sold off. This would allow them to close the rural KHs that can't be merged easily.

  • Tameria2001

    I can think of two reasons why cameras would be installed. The first would be security purposes, and the only time anything would be viewed would be if a crime happened. The second would be to record the speaker giving the talk, and other meeting-related stuff. Then they would have it connected up to the internet, so those that are unable to physically attend would be able to watch from another location. Then I would think that this could give them an opportunity to close down more kingdom halls.

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    The KH I sometimes attend has had cameras for awhile. There is a monitor in the lobby that the attendants use to monitor the front door (doors are locked about 15 min after the meetings start) and the parking lot. Anyone can see the feed, it's actually on a wall in clear site. Seems to make sense for security purposes to me. It's better than having some poor attendant patrol the parking lot.

    I've also seen one inside at a double auditorium KH where they can hold a larger meeting and broadcast to both auditoriums at once. And at AH's they have them.

    Some of the comments are insane.

  • WTWizard

    How long would it be before someone dressed the way the washtowel demands breaks the camera looking at it? I doubt, given the frumpy way they are supposed to dress and that the religion (cancer) drains energy from people (making them look older than they are), it would take very long.

  • Simon

    It seems like basic common sense - halls might have expensive AV equipment in them and be unattended and camera's becoming cheap act as a deterrent.

    Then there are the nutters and psychos that might decide to crash a meeting and cause a disruption or carry out some violent attack. Being able to prove things in court would be valuable for a successful prosecution.

  • Vidiot


    Also, to peek on any PIMOs sneaking a look at this forum on their devices.

  • Searril

    There are actually very valid reasons to have inside cameras running at a church. I would know as I'm in charge of the technology at mine.

    In order to not look like a lunatic, it would be best to ask about those reasons rather than jumping off to some ridiculous "so elders can watch the restrooms and so pedos in New York can gawk at the kids" type garbage.

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