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  • Theonlyoneleft

    So.. you are a JW or studying, living your life and doing your bit, feverish of spreading the good news to everyone that will listen!

    You prep yourself for meetings, doing your ministry and applying all that there is into your daily life.

    SO....I have a question... you know... my clogs. 🙃

    when you where completely IN the religion, did you ever think about the impact of your way of life and religion towards others, specially those that lived around you such as good friends or family members that didn’t studied?

    because.... witnesses will not go over their boundaries of expectations as will be seen as a bad thing, but they expect others to just to accept their ways without questioning it. For them there’s no harm no jws to join IN on whatsoever is going.

    For example—I can go to your KH for a wedding but you’ll never come to my church and attend mine.

    so what was it like? Did you ever thought of how your lifestyle would impact on others?Any thoughts? 😇

  • iwantoutnow

    Yes I thought that.

    I suppressed the obvious double standard, like "no its ok to question your religion dear bible student, even though your minister says not to".

    I suppressed the feelings I had that somehow I should be active in supporting a charity I thought was doing good.

    There were many things like this in my 40+ years as a JW, but I would suppress it because of...

    1. I want to live forever and the WT says what to do and I have to trust them because the love me, and its what Jah wants.

    2. Fear of stepping out a little and facing backlash from friends and elders.

  • blondie

    Add this to the list:

    1) Many jws personal view: My non-jw relatives and friends will not be destroyed at Armageddon

    2) WTS official stance in their publications: Only baptized jws in good standing (and their minor unbaptized children) will survive Armageddon.

  • Diogenesister

    I mean, really, isn't it ridiculous to think that either baptizing a child at birth or being the minor child of baptised jw parents should give those children protection that other children are not worthy of?

    That fact alone should make you realise that all religions are guff.

    As to your question, I sort of completely inwardly denied that almost *anyone* would die in Armageddon. I thought people wouldn't be punished for not "understanding" or having "time".

  • GetMeOutofHere

    We were horrible to our unbelieving family and sadly those ones have either died or want nothing to do with us.

    I won’t go into details but the only time I called my grandparents was to witness to them and I made sure I counted my time and a return visit. Sickening to think of my behavior.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    I did go to weddings, funerals, even church bazaars. The line was drawn at participating

  • millie210

    I always thought I was "fair and very balanced" in the way I treated my non believing relatives when I was a JW.

    It was a very sobering moment when after I told them I had left the JWs they said "Oh good we have you back!"

    Obviously, I did a terrible job of being so "balanced" with my poor family.

    We are making up for lost time now!

  • steve2

    When you believe that your group - and your group alone - has "the truth", you do not see any of these as double standards - you see them as necessary actions to protect the integrity of your faith. For example, because they're seen as "false", it makes complete sense that members of churches of Christendom should be invited to question their church's teaching and policies but I shouldn't have to question my religion because it's the truth. Arrogant thinking admittedly, but it makes sense within the confines of an exclusivist belief system.

  • eyeuse2badub

    JW religion is a 'one-way' street. Our way or the highway is their motto! Happy I finally took the highway!

    just saying!

  • EverApostate
    • We wont participate in your birthdays, christening, or other holiday celebrations. But you should come to our annual Memorial day and study the Bible with us
    • Our Bible is the Exact translation because this was done with the help of the Holy spirit. Any other Bible versions does not have the correct translation
    • We do not accept blood transfusions, even if our children die. But your Birthday celebrations are Evil
    • What ever our Governing Body says is right, because they are guided by holy spirit.
    • You worship the devil and we worship the only true god

    These were a few of the self righteous attitude I had, while being a JW. And I never had a tinge of guilt, because of the non stop brainwash.

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