Update on my Heart condition

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  • wednesday

    thank u all . yes blondie i'd love to have some recepies, just PM me.

    Uzzah, just PM me with the info. I'.. give u my e-mail addy at that time.

    yes me and caffeine free stuff, and vegs, fruits and going to be friends now. Instead of my usual chili Reno and spicy guacomale, wine and Gawd only knows what else i have eaten. I am still surprised i do not have any blocked cornary artieies . But this is enough.

    Also, the bile gastries is an odd thing. Since my Gall Balladder surgery, i have had GI distress. Seems its been the bile duct all along. Well i needed an incentive to lose weight. now i have it.A big must-i must not let my blood pressure get up. that is the cause of my problem. My therapist and i are working on all my "shoulds , woulds, coulds" as he calls it. he says i very moralistic preson often gets high blood pressure, b/c i get irate when i deal with incompetent people. he told me no matter, maybe someone should do something, but in the end-it is still my job to take care of myself.


  • Mulan

    I just sent you a message. I am so sorry to hear about your difficulties. At least you know the situation now.

  • gcc2k

    Funny, based on the subject line, I thought you had a visit from the elders :)

  • Shakita

    I am glad that they found out what was wrong and you can now concentrate on getting yourself back in good health, wednesday. The saying is true that "we are what we eat." I am sure that there are a ton of websites that will have healthy recipes for you. I know that I have a whole folder full of recipes that I have printed out from various sites with low salt and low fat....and tasty recipes.....I know that a lot of them I got off of sites like webmd.com and drkoop.com (not sure if these are exactly the right address) but I am sure that you will find all kinds.....it was easy to find the recipes, print them out, and make them for the first time....the trick (or key I should say) is to stay on your new and healthy eating. I hope you continue to make progress in your new healthy lifestyle.

    Mrs. Shakita

  • Blueblades

    Wednesday,Knowing that there is a remedy for what ails you is half the battle.Now you must follow through on getting better.However,I know that it is not an easy road to follow.It's always easier said then done.All the best to you in the days to come.


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    apparently i will live, but i am sad i did not catch thys hypertension befero it did damage to my heart.

    Well I'm rather glad you will live as well, although not as much as you! I'm sure you mentioned this before, so please forgive me, but what were your symptoms? I mean was there pain, or shortness of breath?

    Thanks for the update. Be well.

  • SheilaM


    I thought that redwine was good for the heart?

  • Ghost of Esmeralda
    Ghost of Esmeralda

    (((((((((Wednesday)))))))))) i'm glad that you know what it is now and that it can be treated!

    believe me, I know what it's like to be facing major diet/lifestyle changes, i've been moping around all day today because I just got whopped by the necessity to do that as well! I got a little note from my doctor in the mail today concerning the results of my cholesterol bloodwork... apparently they were not good at all :( Never had that problem before!!! The diet he wants me to follow basically eliminates everything i have ever wanted to eat in my life or may want to eat in the future!!! damned depressing! my husband is going to go on the restrictions (ugh, hate that word!) with me since we knew his was high before and he should've been doing it for awhile now.

    so if anyone starts posting any recipes anywhere, please let me know. this is depressing as all hell, and i am not looking forward to these changes one bit. maybe if i can do them with some company it won't be as bad? *wishful thinking*

    thank you so much for keeping us updated on your situation, i've been thinking of you!



  • nowisee

    wednesday, my thoughts are with you.

    a book you should get is "the relaxation response" by herbert benson, md. it gives simple meditation techniques which can really help to lower blood pressure. can also help with the type a personality.

    best wishes and please take care of yourself.


  • Mystery

    Wendesday -

    Glad you are back

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