Pseudo history in Watchtower today 😂

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  • Spiral

    This article is just a mash-up of the usual bits they want to continue to repeat to the rank and file. From the outside looking in you wonder why anyone would believe this stuff .... any church could claim (and most do claim) they were chosen by God.

    But I found this tidbit interesting in p14: "Many who thirsted for Bible truth fled to countries where the influence of the church was less pervasive. They wanted to read and study and converse with one another without being told what to think".

    All JWs have to study the WT version of their history over and over again, and yet, if someone wants to converse with someone without being told what to think..... well, we all know how that works. I am always shocked (I shouldn't be, I know) by how gullible people (and people I know and like, who I know are smart in other ways) can be.

  • Gorbatchov

    @vanderhoven7 they did not lost Gods aproval in 1918 was the message of today. They did not lost neutrality and they were not imprisoned at orders of Babylon the Great.

    They always stated that the judge took orders of the church to imprison Rutherfraud.

    Nnow they say it was the state.

    Next week more clarification.

    Pseudo history.


  • waton

    I always wondered how imprisonment of eight in an Atlanta penitentiary could be equated to captivity of a whole nation in babylon. Now they admit par 6. " a reexamination of the subject was necessary. --

    7: "-- the tribulation they experienced was mainly caused by the secular authorities, not by Babylon the Great.--" ( caused, not only executed. bolds mine.) because wt always taught that BtG egged on The Secular Authorities Pharisees & Pilate style.

    These deep subjects were the staples of the Gilead courses, the disfellowshippings of the ones that could not stomach the nonsense, and now it is branded to be a mistake, but it still remains the same balderdash, only mixed differently, leading to such gems as the overlapping anointed generation that ends before the end.

    PS: calling the captivity "tribulation" will set jws thinking in confused ways too. "great"!

  • ab.ortega

    Interesting that WT article states "IN 607 B.C.E., a massive Babylonian army under the command of King Nebuchadnezzar II invaded the city of Jerusalem."

    However Nebuchadnezar II was NOT a King in 607 B.C.E.. According to Encyclopaedia Britannica, he "reigned c. 605–c. 561 bc". It states that in 607/606 bc he was a crowned prince.

  • waton

    wt anointed , active since 1918-19, GB, F&DS style, want to rule billions of galaxies, and could not, and can not get the story about the present scene straight.

  • stuckinarut2
  • NikL

    Some quotes from the study that stood out in my mind...

    Many who thirsted for Bible truth fled to countries where the influence of the church was less pervasive. They wanted to read and study and converse with one another without being told what to think.

    Brother Russell’s goal was to ascertain which of the prevailing religions was teaching the truth. He had carefully compared the teachings of many different religions, even non-Christian religions, with what the Bible says.

    Both of which reeks of apostasy!

    Which leads to the following...

    Men and women were condemned for heresy because they rejected teachings of the church...The church handed down the death sentence...The goal was to discourage people from reading the Bible and questioning the church

    Substitute "church with and you see the conditions today.

    Indeed, "get out of her my people!"

  • skin

    WT Studied 22nd Jan 2017.

    6 ...For many years, this journal suggested that God’s modern-day servants entered into Babylonian captivity in 1918 and that they were released from Babylon in 1919. However, for the reasons that we shall outline in this article and in the one following, a reexamination of the subject was necessary.

    7 Consider: Babylon the Great is the world empire of false religion. Thus, in order to be subject to Babylonian captivity in 1918, God’s people would have had to become enslaved to false religion in some way at that time. The facts show, however, that in the decades leading up to World War I, God’s anointed servants were actually breaking free from Babylon the Great, not becoming enslaved to it. While it is true that the anointed were persecuted during the first world war, the tribulation they experienced was caused mainly by the secular authorities, not by Babylon the Great. So it does not really seem that Jehovah’s people entered into captivity to Babylon the Great in 1918.

    Should WT now apologize to Babylon the Great for incorrectly saying that it was them, that were behind putting Rutherford and associates in jail back in 1918?

    Here is another questionable thing to say:

    14 .... At one point, he met with a number of local clergymen in hopes that these men would accept the truths that Russell and his associates had discovered from the Bible and teach them to members of their congregations. The clergymen were not interested.

    I wonder why the clergy were not interested? If someone came up to me and tried to tell me that the world would end in 1914 and used pyramidology to prove it, I too would not be interested.

  • jwleaks

    Gorbatchov, had you been at the kingdom hall the week before you would have heard the reminder from the governing body - which was also pinned to the notice board - informing all who attend to leave their brains and thinking skills at home.

  • Gorbatchov

    @jwleaks the mind control has never been more bigger than this. Where does it end?


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