Mouthy has Passed Away

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  • Expanded-Mind

    I met Grace back in the late 80's at a BRCI convention in Connecticut. I was immediately drawn to her warmth and sense of humor. After losing touch, I am grateful that we reconnected briefly through this website. Thinking of her and her family and sending healing thoughts!

  • watson

    Thank you Grace. Bon Voyage.

  • NewYork44M

    Very sad. My condolences to her family.

  • garyneal

    I come to this forum for some time to see if she still posts. So sad to see this post.

    She was indeed a truly special lady.

  • susan schneider
    susan schneider

    Thank you to all for your lovely thoughts of my Mum, she was quite a lady, and loved us all so very much. I went down on my 68 birthday to help her get bathed, and she kept saying, "you shouldn't be here on your birthday, you should be out having a good time," I said, "Mum, I'm not going anywhere, did you not spend your whole day on me 68 years ago, you didn't hear me complain." But she always worried about others, and not her self. I know she loved this group very much, and I would hear about all of you, and see the cards and letters, she loved you all so much, and you all kept her very happy for years. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you kind words. I will come back on (if I remember my password) after the funeral on Thursday Sep 8 from 12-2 for visitation then 2 for the service, and reception to follow...and let you know how it went... If you can all stay out of your room for long enough..

  • Truthexplorer

    Really sad to hear. RIP mouthy

  • WingCommander

    I am very sorry to hear about this lovely ladies passing. She was always a pleasure to speak to on this forum, and her insight and help as always appreciated by myself and many, many others. RIP to a very lovely lady.

  • minimus

    Aw, just saw this. She gave inspiration to many of us who recognized that you're never too old to smarten up.

  • sir82


  • pixel
    She will be missed.

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