CEDARS (Again) Is it really about religious beliefs?

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  • Oubliette

    snugglebunny: Everything is done and said with an end goal in mind - the eventual adoration of those around him.

    I believe you meant, "... adoration from those around him."

  • dubstepped
    @Cofty - I sent you a pm in lieu of derailing this thread. TTYL
  • WingCommander

    Would you all like to take a guess, as to how many sh*ts I give about John Cedars?

    Recently, he showed off his printing prowess by illegally printing off Ray Franz's COC, and putting his logo/website on the back of it. (probably made some $$$ off that!!!!!!)

    After I saw THAT sh*t, I knew Cedars was an attention-seeking con.

    Next up for Cedars: Recording himself pepper spraying little old pioneers that knock on his door, then posting on his website that the GB henchmen are "stalking" him and persecuting him because he's blowing the trumpet on them and exposing them as the charlatans that they are. Sighing and moaning, sighing and moaning. Too bad, too bad!

    Also, someone get that guy a razor. He looks like a freakin' BUM!!!!

  • talesin
    Cedars is of a type. I've met quite a few similar people over the years and I recognised him for what he was from day one. Basically charismatic but totally political in everything they do and say. Everything is done and said with an end goal in mind - the eventual adoration of those around him.
    Snugglebunny :thumbsup:
  • Phizzy

    I have long thought that Lloyd Evans was an egocentric narcissist who has to be taken with a huge shovel full of salt.

    His little spat with this Site is an example of that, as soon as his views are challenged or derided , he gets all prissy-hissy and stomps off like a Prima Donna.

    This present problem has arisen because a similar Prima Donna, Marc Leytham (spelling?) has taken umbrage at some of "Cedars" writings and actions.(Marc is an ex-JW evangelical who embarrassingly takes pointless direct action).

    Both of them need to grow up and realize that if we are to make any headway with convincing JW's to examine their religion, we need to show maturity, levity and a lack of personal ego.

    Those three things seem to be beyond this execrable pair.

  • slimboyfat
    Yeah but the problem is he's not all bad. Some of his videos a pretty good in my opinion. But egomaniac? Yup.
  • WingCommander

    Does he even still go by "John Cedars?" Why not just Lloyd Evens? Or possibly Harry & the Hendersons?

    It's all so confusing. I mean, it's like JW's claiming Jesus is Micheal the Archangel.

  • slimboyfat

    It's a brand. Why not?

    Named after the "historic" convention 1922 I believe.

  • nicolaou
    Named after the "historic" convention 1922 I believe.

    Really? And here was I thinking it was all about the initials.

    It's a JOKE Lloyd!

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Maybe Cedar wants that facial hair, or just doesn't care about his appearance anymore. I mean just think. After all those years and years of having the ''no facial hair'' pounded into your head, he may now have the mindset ''who gives a rats ass about facial hair''..

    It could be a feeling of liberation for him, to look so dishevelled these days!!! Good for him!!! If my take on things are true.

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