UK Terrorists attacks

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  • sir82

    All this and more will be a-ok because we live in the safest time of all time, right?

    Not sure if you are being disingenuous or just not thinking clearly....

    We live in the safest of all times, compared to the 20th, 19th, 18th, 17th..... etc. century.

    Part of the reason is that we have more thorough and better safeguards in place. Remove the safeguards, and things regress to insecurity.

    Do you really think you would feel safer living as a 16th century Russian serf or 4th century Visigoth?

    For me, I'll take the 1 in a million chance of being injured by a Muslim terrorist, vs a 1-in-5 chance of being tortured to death by drunken lord or beheaded by an invading Mongol or clubbed to death by any one of a dozen armed gangs lurking in the forest next to my hovel.

  • hothabanero

    I must agree slightly. If nothing is done, the end may very well be near for civilization in many countries, especially in Europe.

    ppl must wake up and realize we are facing an EXISTENTIAL threat that will require DRASTIC measures.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Not sure if you are being disingenuous or just not thinking clearly - you miss my point.

    Our London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, said a similar thing immediately after the London Bridge Attack: "London is the safest city in the world".

    If our politicians are so eager to stress this then they should do as my previous post suggested on page 2 ...

  • Simon

    It's easy to prove that the argument about relative safety is wrong by changing one of the inputs. If you think deaths by Islamic terrorists don't matter because more people die on cars, what happens if self-driving cars make vehicular deaths obsolete? The rate of terrorist attacks may not change, same number of people being killed, yet now it's way worse ... by comparison.

    Comparisons don't work. It's disingenuous to compare deliberate deaths from murder and deaths that are inevitable due to accidents of life and huge numbers of people.

    Do we excuse other murder on the basis that "well, it's rare"? No - it's outrageous every time it happens. Terrorist is the ultimate form of shocking random murder of innocents.

  • barry

    Ive heard people say for e.g. 'your more likely to die from a falling fridge than a terrorist attack.

    My answer to that is these people have the ambition to kill as many as possible. What if a nuclear dirty bomb was made by ISIS and taken to Europe because ISIS has nuclear material they stole from a Mosel university and exploded it over London. Anthrax or another biological weapon was used and it killed millions. How would the so called experts spin that?

    Already 3000 were killed at 9/11 .

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