UK Terrorists attacks

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  • hybridous

    Well, there's hope that people entertain while sitting on their hands, taking no assertive positive action, and merely wishing for a magical turn of events...

    And then, there's hope based on sensible theory, rational actions toward a desired objective, and periodic evaluation along the way, to see if the actions are bringing progress toward the goal.

    I am about out of 'hope' in any fashion. We are this far in the hole, and cannot even glean a meaningful consensus that there is a real problem which ought to be addressed.

    I do think that somewhere down the line, as the bodies pile up, we may approach such a consensus. but only after much more needless violence and death will nature's survival instincts guide our decisions.

  • Finkelstein

    Countries like the US and England need to be more assertive in action to stem these attacks.

    I think the general population has had enough.

    Register every Muslim living in these countries and block any further person who proclaims to be a Muslim from entering the country.

    Enforce all Muslim communities to report any hearsay of terrorism from one of their members, or else have their own local Mosque closed and taken away.

    People have the right to live in peace without the fear of being killed by mad religious zealots on a mission to kill them for not being in their religion.

  • nelim

    Of course, if you threaten to close their mosque then they will suddenly report terrorism hearsay! Pfff so naive. Come on, be real.

  • smiddy

    Edmund Burke's famous quote (disputed) is that "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"

    Thanks simon for the quote.however I would change the words from "good men do nothing"

    " to God/Jehovah does nothing."

    Dont get your knickers in a not Phoebe ,JW`s are always looking for disasters natural or otherwise /Wars or terrorist attacks to push their agenda ,they have been doing it for more than a hundred years and they have never got anything right yet.

    "Armageddon" has always been just around the corner as has the" Great Tribulation"

    And their time-line is always way off.Because they dont know what they are talking about.

    The king of the North was identified as the USSR some years ago (The USSR does not exist anymore)

    The annointed were to become less in numbers as the years wore on ( In fact the numbers never decreased for 35 years 8000 and then actually increased to where they are today close to 16000 annointed)

    Wasnt it just a few years ago they were planning a big expansion in KH `s growth ? around the world ?

    What is happening now KH`s being sold mergers taking place on an unprecedented scale Why ? because the expected hope for increase is not happening .

    In fact quite the opposite is happening their is no increase except for those already associated with JW`s such as children of JW`s in the western world .

    The exception maybe in third world countries with low education and a lack of internet facillities.


  • LoveUniHateExams

    Don't let these things get you down Phoebe.

    It's not your fault and it's not my fault. We can take sensible precautions, such as where we choose to holiday, and vote for politicians who we believe will make inroads in sorting out this mess.

    Those who are to blame are the terrorists themselves. They are the enemy of the civilised world.

    Others who might share some blame are the terrorists' sympathisers within the 'Muslim community', our political elite who have let unchecked immigration into our countries (thus importing radical Islam), and lastly lots of soppy leftists and SJWs who defend Islam at very turn and brush the problem of terrorism under the carpet.

    You and me live in a free society.

    Go out, buy a beer and a bacon sandwich and chill.

  • dozy

    We actually pretty much live in the safest time of all time. If you could pick any year in human history to be alive - you'd choose 2017. The actual odds of being killed in a terrorist attack , awful events such as they are , are infinitesimally small.

  • dogon

    Some elder could have an irregular bowl movement and it would be a sign of the end. What this is a sign of is the stupidity of the west to Islam. The idiot left thinks it can pray, drop flowers at some road way or put the union jack or what ever color flag is the attack of the day on their facebook page and its going to fix it. The only thing that will fix it is to deport all Muslims. Sorry but this is what is needed. A zero tolerance to Islam.

  • smiddy

    Yes phoebe ,it will get better as time moves on.but its really up to you.Educate yourself about the control JW`s have over people.and the fear hopelessness they instill in people always preying on the negatives in society and the vulnerable people to exploit them .

    Jw`s always look for the negative things that happen in society to instill fear and hopelessnes ,never do they highlight the positive things that happen in society as that doesnt fit their agenda,

    Did the fact that cain killed Abel prove the end was near ? What i am saying is you can look at any period in history of bad things happening and you could say the end must be near

    Jehovahs witnesses have been milking this belief for over a hundred years and their interpretation of prophecy is still nowhere matched by world events .

    Their claim : Religion will be done away with before the nations attack Jehovahs witnesses .

    Is their any sign of that ? now or in the immediate future ? I dont think so. Think about it.

  • Nevuela

    If they think the end is near, you ought to remind them that during the Holocaust, many JWs and people of other faiths believed the end was near then, and oh gee, which is worse, the Holocaust or recent events in the UK?

  • LoveUniHateExams

    We actually pretty much live in the safest time of all time - then UK politicians should put that to the test.

    Drastically decrease security for our politicians - they are UK civilians, like the rest of us. They don't need as much security.

    No armed police protecting the Houses of Parliament.

    We can surely save money by replacing the gas-guzzling, armour-plated limousines that ferry politicians about with ordinary cars like Toyota Prius, etc. (it'd be better for the environment, too).

    All this and more will be a-ok because we live in the safest time of all time, right?

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