Has there ever been a time when someone has been outed as a JW mole on this forum?

by Tenacious 21 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • Diogenesister

    I don't think he means folk like takeofthecrown who are quite open about their support for the Watchtower. And that's fine, all of our journeys started as fully believing dubs at some point. We are here to help those folks ( I hope!) so if someone is " feigning" their support for anti JW ' rhetoric'( think tenacious used that word as it was convenient ) well, I guess all we should do is just keep being us. After all, this is called jehovahs-witness.com so we can expect all shades of views, which is good no? I wouldn't worry although their was an incident where an IT worker at polish branch office tried to blackmail an exJW forum user into confessing to his elders. He pretended to be a DF dub on a polish forum but his posts were hysterically funny and obvious frauds, as u expect a fully in dub is told an apostate thinks and acts. They have threatened the idiot with court action as despite being the head of polish branch IT ( based in Holland, I think) he left a trail by which they were able to track him down.

  • Vidiot

    Considering how staunchly Jaracz and his supporters believed in a "Vast Apostate Army" poised to strike at the WT, it wouldn't surprise me if his administration tried it.

    As the girl next door suggested, though, I don't imagine it worked very well. :smirk:

    More often than not, any WT supporters that show up here are loyalist blowhards who just post and piss off. They rarely stay.

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