Jehovah's people are not happy people

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  • mrmagic

    Can tell you that I was depressed the entire time in with the JW's and yes, they were on pills and all kinds of things. Knew countless people who suicided, others were on pills and suffered anxiety. It's all an act. There are really very few people if any that you could ever call friends.

  • FedUpJW

    I thought Jehovah was a happy God?

    You are confusing him with Jehoho. Most JDubs follow Jehohum the apathetic god, or Jehobo the homeless god it seems to me.

  • Crazyguy

    The Bible itself is a drepressing book. It's all about death , rape , murder, more death, animal sacrifice, human sacrifice, being a slave even the son of god dies . No wonder so many people are leaving Christianity and of course the JWs are in the worst case scenario !

  • fulano

    It is the most pathetic book in the world, evil as well as it has been the origin of so many dogma's leading to hate, wars and death.

  • jp1692
    Steve2: I saw parts of Morris III's opening address for the current Summer convention. Within minutes, a memory of that depressed old feeling began to hover over me as he lamely enumerated all the disasters in the world and how these are critical times hard to deal with.

    JWs view the world through shit-colored glasses. They only see the bad because they need it to confirm their apocalyptic beliefs and worldview.

    There is abundant evidence that this is, in fact, the best and safest time for most of us to be alive. But JWs only look for bad news to prop up their beliefs.

    It's enough to drive anyone crazy!

  • Spiral

    I can agree with all the above observations, and I've personally never been better since I quit going and quit worrying about everything.

    Meanwhile, most of our JW relatives are all on some sort of medication due to being depressed, anxious, poor, unable to "adult" in an effective way. Most seem to have just given up. It is very sad.

    But I would say this, they know it, and they don't argue with us (very much). They won't admit it, which is why they don't interact with us much. They occasionally try to be righteous about that (since we're inactive) but the reality is they just don't have any wind in their sails to put up an argument.

  • Chook

    The problem with depression pills is no one really knows what they are doing to the mind, some people deteriorate quickly after starting new medication. The only difference between a drug and a poison is the amount administered. The average Jw is run off their feet with obligations to head office that contentment and happiness eludes them.

  • mentalclarity

    This was one of the things that woke me up. I kept on hearing how happy everyone was to be in the organization but when I looked around in my congregation all I saw was a bunch of depressed, neurotic people. Some reasons:

    • You're always being watched and judged- you're never doing enough
    • You're purposefully looking at all the bad things to prove we're living in the last days. Negative mindset
    • You're told to endure and pray in difficult situations (bad relationships/bad job situation/etc) so you're probably putting up with alot of stuff you could actually be doing something about
    • You are suppressing constantly anything that you see that is not in line with the JW narrative. For example when you see an elder who is a crazy dictator yet is supposed to be shepherding the flock with love.

    That all takes its toll on a person's psyche.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Miserable people seem to make friends with other miserable people..They spend as much time as possible distracting themselves from reality..They like to point out flaws in others, bring others down to their level..If you tell a JW you are happy and you are not a JW it don't make sense, you are ignorant you are lying....

  • skin

    Being told at the meetings that Jehovah's people are the happiest people on earth, then look around the hall at everyone and realize that there is no happiness showing on their faces. Being told at the meetings that worldly people are the unhappy ones, (we have to believe that because the GB say so), but then everyday experience's outside JWs show worldly people to be mostly very happy with their life's.

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