Jehovah's people are not happy people

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  • Phoebe

    I finally stopped attending the meetings about 4 months go. I won't be going back - ever.

    But I've decided the best reply to the Watchtower is to be happy and I do try to be happy every day even thought I wasted my entire life on this religion. I cherish every day, practice mindfulness and do my best to be content with the life I have.

    It is only now that I see that most JWs I know are deeply unhappy people. I get emails from a sister and she is constantly lamenting how Satan is attacking everyone, how she cries when she says her prayers because all her kids have left the truth and she begs God to save them. How she's on anxiety pills and dreads the ministry and meetings.

    Yesterday I saw a JW neighbour (I'm currently trying to avoid all JWs but this one lives almost next door) and quite honestly after a ten minute conversation with him I felt so depressed I didn't know what to do with myself. He was so utterly miserable and was saying how we're getting older, we might get sick and die blah blah.

    Every time I have the misfortune to bump into one of them it is apparent how completely miserable they are. When I saw John Cedars review of the first day of the convention, I thought it's all doom, gloom and scare tactics. No wonder they are all so miserable.

    How did I not see this when I was in? I guess you don't see the wood for the trees, do you?

    I thought Jehovah was a happy God?

  • tepidpoultry

    For the first time in many years you're enjoying a measure of peace, good for you, you've earned it!


  • tor1500


    Oh but they are, according to them. It's all a put on. They are not happy because they are suppressed. They know something is wrong but they suppress their thoughts and so outside they appear happy but so depressed inside.

    Witnesses are not equipped to deal with life, just everyday life exasperates them, it could be just waiting on line. You see they pretend to have peace and be patient but in reality the majority of witnesses don't have the fruitage of the spirit. Most are selfish and mean spirited. That's why we hear so many stories of how many were treated, add up all the stories, witnesses are not nice people. That's why if you know someone that is not a witness they don't want you to tell the negative stuff. Why? Because they want people to believe they are someone else, once they love bomb you, then you are trapped.

    Most witnesses don't have a joyful bone in their body, they only see the negative. The only positive view they hold is for their own hide.

    The thought of death with no return scares the average Jw to death. The nuts don't even believe in heaven but only for a few. Imagine hearing time after time it's the end and then it doesn't come.... how happy could a person be always hearing that and preaching that. We have exhausted our territory so much so folks are going where the need is great, just to get hours. Our territory is dried up and the neighbors know who we are and know when we are coming.

    I think the organization knows the preaching work COULD stop, but then the end would have to come, ain't that what Jesus said. Jesus is just the ransom what would he know, they are waiting to hear from Jehovah but he told us to listen and follow his son.

    Would you be happy knowing the end is now, no now, no tomorrow, no soon, this can be very disconcerting.


  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    This rings so true. I'm too wrecked from a long-ass day to contribute something meaningful to this discussion, but please know I'm so glad someone put down this dichotomy in writing as a post. JWs are the saddest, most hollow, depressed, medicated, unhinged souls sporting nothing but wan smiles that never reach the eyes.

  • ToesUp

    JW's are like kids. Their parents constantly remind them of the trip they will take them on, to Disney World. The trip NEVER comes. The kids no longer believe the parents and have lost any confidence they may have had in their parents.

    I believe the generation teaching blew the wind out of the older ones sails. The Governing Body had an opportunity during the Zone talk a few years ago, to encourage the flock. They chose to discuss tight pants spanxs and men not being good marriage material if they are not MS's by the age of 23 years.

    There are so many JW's who are suffering sickness, financial woes and family problems. I'm sure the members could have used some true encouragement. The GB chose to beat ones down instead of using the opportunity to build up. WT has done its own damage to the flock and has A LOT of blood on their hands! Shame on them!

    We wonder why so many are leaving and are on anti depressants.

  • pale.emperor

    I know at least 10 people from my last congregation that are on medication for depression. My ex-mother in law is one of them. She's the most miserable, depressed and stressed person i've ever known. My ex-wife is depressed and always focuses on the negative. Even when we were together she attempted suicide 3 times.

    My mother is on anti depressants too.

    And think about it, when we were JWs, what was there to live for? What was there to enjoy? Fake "fellowship" with fakes "friends"? 90% of the time i was never included in social gatherings like you see in the Watchtower magazines. Reason being i wasnt single. The single brothers would arrange get-togethers at their houses, invite the single sisters, who'd turn up with their female friends, and of course you HAVE TO invite the cliques from the hall. So there's me sat at home week after week, month after month, year after year wasting my youth.

    Fortunately now im out i get to use my outgoing nature to meet new people. People who know me say i "work the room" meaning i go around the venue like a host and introduce myself and know everyone's name by the end of the night.

  • ToesUp


    The majority of our still in family are on anti depressants as well. They all look spaced out and kind of like the Stepford wives. Crazy!

  • zeb

    1..and I look to where I can do random acts of kindness.

    2.more of the above..

  • stuckinarut2

    "Life is so tough...something to be endured..."

    Witnesses are so burdened with such thinking....

  • sir82

    "Expectation postponed makes the heart sick" - somewhere in the Bible.

    The governing b*stards have promised paradise "very soon now" for 140+ years. Anyone 50+, old enough to remember the 1975 hoopla, is now facing the very real prospect of their own mortality, and are utterly unprepared.

    It must be horrifically depressing to go 50, 60, 70 years being told & believing "you will never grow old, you will never die", and then experience the inexorable, slow decay of your physical, mental, and emotional capacities.

    If there is any sort of after-death justice system, the GB has a LOT to answer for.

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