Jehovah's people are not happy people

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  • Ding

    It's hard to be happy when you are always feeling like you haven't done enough, and JWs can never do enough to satisfy the GB.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Hi Phoebe, lots of us here have also wasted far too many years on this pretending-to-be-happy cult. Just enjoy the freedom of not allowing yourself to be controlled by the JW org. A weight has fallen from your shoulders, enjoy the experience and as it seems you are already doing, take pleasure in living each day on this beautiful planet. You have friends here.

  • Phoebe

    Thank you Half banana, I appreciate that very much.

    Now the shock of it not being 'the truth' is finally leaving me, because it was a shock! I'm feeling better each day.

    This forum has helped sooo much! Everyone has been so kind and supportive.

    It's a strange, but nice feeling, taking each day as it comes without worrying that I'm not good enough and if I didn't do better God would kill me. Jeez! 60 odd years of that!!! I can't get the time back but think myself lucky that I did finally see the truth and been set free :)

  • just fine
    just fine

    Most of the JWs I knew have no control of their emotions, and have overly emotional responses to everything. It is exhausting to be around them. In my own family, my sister is miserable, and she is mean and vindictive, even by worldly standards.

  • dubstepped

    Bro. Mack gave a depressing talk that made the rounds and was circulated about how "we're all living on pills and prayers", and he was right.

    My depression, social anxiety, etc. pretty much all went away after leaving the cult. Go be happy Phoebe and leave the fellowship of the miserable behind. Good for you!

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    @Phoebe, you are so right about this helpful forum!

    Once you're away from the WT programming you can figure out how many problems the jw cope with are totally artificial. The sisters who would blather on about which people weren't spiritual enough, and would create dramas about trivial concerns like who would make what food for the CO or who wore a tee shirt that said "They Killed Kenny."

    It's all planned out to make people think their own lives are unimportant compared to the boolsheet concerns of the time-wasting cult.

    There is so much to enjoy once you're free! Even if it's just watching old time comedians on youtube, laughing and being entertained. Books and movies, growing flowers, or coloring books, lol.

  • sparky1

    Ha ha......this is great! I work in a business where I have to interact with many sales people and factory representatives. Monday, I took a factory rep to see one of our customers that is a Mennonite. After we left the customer, we talked about 'knowing' your customer personally and treating them accordingly. (No swearing, no off color jokes, etc.) Then this rep says to me that he is not religious at all but his sister was thinking about becoming a 'Jehovah'. I confessed to him that I had been raised as one but had been inactive for most of my adult life and now have no interest in it. Come to find out that she married a disfellowshipped witness and he wanted to get reinstated and she was going to support him. After she found out no birthdays, no Christmas etc., etc. she put her foot down and said no! At any rate, I told this rep that his sister would have to give up her life if she wanted to become a witness and that she would have to live each day as if Armageddon was coming tomorrow! His reply to me was: "That religion must be full of DEPRESSED people!" Even so-called 'worldly' people with little experience in the religion can figure out how oppressive it is.

  • ShirleyW
    Jehovah's people are not happy people

    Something we've known here on the board for quite sometime, once you really leave you recognize it's all an act, JWs always say "Jehovah's people are a busy people", what they really mean is, they're not happy

  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    In their defense.....A LOT of people are depressed and dealing with it medically. I would guess it might be slightly above the average, but probably not as much as we think.

    The reality is that the teaching that works its way into your mind as a JW is that you are never doing enough, even as a JW, you are not guaranteed to not be slaughtered by Jesus, and between the end of the world, and the cognitive dissonance required to be both loving to others on the outside AND be begging God to come and kill everyone in the could you possibly have a healthy view of the world, yourself, and others?

    The branch is obsessed with "keeping the friends busy". They have stated this many times. I don't know if they sincerely think being busy is the cure for this "horrific world we live in", or if the busy part is a tool of control. I suspect its a little bit of both.

  • steve2

    l saw parts of Morris III's opening address for the current Summer convention. Within minutes, a memory of that depressed old feeling began to hover over me as he lamely enumerated all the disasters in the world and how these are critical times hard to deal with. I should imagine that for those listening to a steady diet of this need for the world to be on its knees would not be rejoicing in any good news about the world.

    Many JWs are depressed because their observations and outlook are depressing. Throwing in a dollop or two of what it will be like in the new system does not alleviate the current depressive outlook because it utterly surrounds their outlook and attitude.

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