Anyone know what the special talk is this weekend?

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  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman ways are weird. Saying something is special, doesn't make it so. What they believe to be special, spiritual food from God's mouth to the Governing Body's... changes pretty rapidly...

    I am sorry that your beloved husband now thinks that you must be in subjection to him. No partnership allowed. No coming together of minds or plans. I am sorry that he thinks that you have to go with this him. WT is all about 'looks". It is a power game for men. Control over women and anyone else that permits it.

    Just asking. Has he also told you where you are spending your summer vacation... at a convention site or has he not got around to telling you about his summer plans yet?



    Told ya..

    Same old Watchtower/JW Crap..

    Presented like no one has ever heard it before..

    "This is a Special Talk!"

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  • Irishdub

    Cultivate Peace ..!

    poor guys have to trained to defend the judgmental slandering spirit of the Watchtower GB and their in Russia.


  • westiebilly11

    Always used to be a Special Talk soon after the memorial to mop up any interest new/curious ones....I can't mock them as many are sincere .

  • baker

    Special talk, special purpose, this word is overused.

  • Diogenesister

    A talk about anger huh? I would have thought being that jw's are supposed to love their spouses like Christ loved mankind willing to give their very life for you, that honey and soft words would win you over rarther than something bitter ( angry words).

    JW men have gotten worse and worse over the years in my opinion, as the children of those bastards - like Rutherford, Knorr and Franz - came into power, believing the BS their grandfather's generation of jw power-mongers *knew* was their made up rubbish.

  • ShirleyW

    Now just which "special talk" is this?

    There's the special talk for all congs on a certain date across the U.S., supposedly, that's why I didn't even say worldwide, then there's the special talk that's only given in certain locations. I remember more than ten years ago some friends came from Philly and stayed with my mom in NYC because of a special talk. It was covered here on the board as well, always turns out to be a big nothing, same BS they've been blabbering about for decades.

  • exjwlemming

    Cultivate peace in an angry world.....aka...don't sue us over our complicit sexual crimes. Be peaceful. "Jehover" will sort it out in the end. Cultivate the Cult!

  • Finkelstein

    That if I was a good Christian that I would respect the arrangement by being in subjection to him.

    There nothing special about being intentionally demeaned as a second class subservient slave to men because of being born a women, like the ancient Hebrews used to do and like the leaders of the JWS.

    The JWS religoius cult is very much misogynistic against woman you should know, its an self organized game of power and control for men to relinquish themselves in.

    Just fair warning.

    Special talks are just a luring tactic to gather up already brainwashed devoted idiots (followers) to listen to directives issued by the top GB men and what they want out their controlled mental slaves.

    Hint ..... dont go and be supportive or in subjection to these corrupt controlling crooks.


    Cultivate Peace in an angry world WatchTower World

    "Go Back To Sleep."

    "We Have Everything Under Control."

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