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  • Chook


    you will return to this fold due to NO Christian principles applied to JW law.

  • zeb

    Your letters have made you marked by the Elders and that is a sad conclusion BUT we are still here to hold you up if/when you start to fade.

    From my personal perspective keep in mind the 1000+ cases of child abuse the elders in Australia never reported to Police. This is not an org that is directed by the holy spirit.

    I wish you well.

  • jeanniebeanzz

    "Justice will prevail! Amos 5:24 NKJV"

    Yes it will... and this wolf in sheeps clothing of a religion will get what's coming to it either through legislation, litigation or people simply finding out the truth about it and leaving. In the end, justice will delete this 'religion' and our families will be free to live their lives once again.


    I have every faith that the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses will bring about needed change ..

    You can count on that!!..


    WatchTower Will Take

    YOUR CHANGE..............................YOUR PAPER MONEY..

    Image result for shaking money out of pockets...Image result for shaking money out of pockets


    Your Children's.....................................................Your Dead..

    ICE CREAM MONEY.......................................GRANDMA`s HOUSE..

    Image result for Watchtower sophia ice cream money.Image result for grandma's house


    Witness for Watchtower Reform

    Have you thought about starting your own religion? That's what people do when they think they know better.

    That's what the Judge did.

    30,000 Christian religions started by men who knew better

    1 started by the Christ

  • Dunedain

    2 Peter 2:22 - "The dog has returned to his own vomit, and the sow that was bathed to rolling in the mire."

    You are "clean" now, in both mind and body. My only hope for you, is to remain that way. The only way to remain that way, will be if you stay free of the cult that you KNOW the WTBS is.

    God luck my friend, you will need it. There are dangerous waters ahead. Pitfalls, and perils, will abound. There will be traps for the weak, and for the one who is not vigilant. You will need to watch your every move, and your back, from stabbing knives. These knives will not come from some evil monster, but instead, a man with a smile, wearing a suit and tie.

    There will be no freedom of your mind. No comfort for your soul, when you debate what will be in front of your eyes. You will be a witness to hate, on a weekly basis. You will be a witness to callous hearts, on a weekly basis. You will be a witness to fake smiles, and conditional friendships. You will be a witness to the tragedy of lost childhoods. You will be a witness to fellow humans, inner fire for creativity, and self, being extinguished before your very eyes. You will be a witness to hurt and pain, on an institutional level, from the top pushing upon the bottom. You will be a witness to death from false interpretations, of an archaic book, that has been shaped by the whims of power hungry men.

    This is the "Witness" you will be, if you return. Like I said, I wish you luck my friend, you will need it.

  • Worldling9

    So well said, Dunedain.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    @ Witness For Watchtower Reform - you don't reveal what the catalyst is for your revived trust in the WTBTS, but I'm certain that your need for an "organised" religion - any religion - with a visible, revered hierarchy is an emotion felt by many.

    You think that the G.B. will effect the changes which you desire very soon; I have the same confidence that Mormons, the Vatican, and all of the thousands of Protestant religions will do the same - not!

    Your faith in men to change their business model is wasted . Your org yoke is going to get heavier. Sorry.

  • pale.emperor

    Do what you think is best for you. But...

    Did Moses, Noah, Enoch, Amos, Samuel, Elijah etc etc need to "bring about needed change very soon given the continuous pressure they face"?

    If God directs a person they dont mess it up. Not even once.

    All the best to you though.

  • tiki

    Very strange....whatever floats your boat though....

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