Are you better than Jehovah?

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  • ashitaka
    Is he really allowing such immense suffering just so he can win a bet with the devil?

    The devil raised him three Playboy centerfolds to his three molester-priests.


  • Satanus

    I'm better than jehovah. Here is proof. I have made thousands of posts here. How many has jehovah made?


  • ashitaka

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    You're right, SS, you've got him beat.

  • teejay

    I'm almost 100% convinced that I'm a much better parent than Jehovah is. I hate ever tooting my own horn about anything, but when it comes to parenthood and comparing me to Jehovah, it's rather easy to do.

    There's no way in the world that I'd sit by and watch my child suffer; there's no way I'd let her go through life without communicating with her every chance I could, whenever I could. I wouldn't leave her in a well-stocked mansion and then sit by to see how things turned out.

    As a dad, Jehovah sucks.

  • Reborn2002

    This is a topic that has been discussed and debated quite often on religious forums. The best part about this question is the simple logic behind it that even a child should be able to understand.

    Christian fundamentalists tend to shy away from discussing this, because when one makes such a rational statement, it makes their explanations or excuses look rather desperate and foolish.

    If God is all-powerful and created the universe.. why does he not act to prevent suffering? To prove a point? Children are murdered, raped, beaten, and tortured everyday... yet a deity who is aware of it and capable of intervening chooses to sit by idly and do nothing while his creation is mutilated? If God is not capable of acting, then he is not all-powerful, if he can act but chooses not to, he is malevolent.

    An imperfect man possesses more compassion than that. Lowly humans make sacrifices so as to prevent suffering or aid other people when possible, yet an Almighty God who is supposed to be the very example we are emulating does nothing? Sure, religious fundies like to attribute things to God, but that is only when it is convenient for them. God blesses them for good things in life (even though people not worshipping the same God can get the same so-called blessings or fortune) yet Satan or imperfection are responsible for all shortcomings.

    How people remain loyal to organized religion and believe these fairy tales are beyond me. To quote Jesse Ventura, Governor of Minnesota:

    "Religion is for the weak-minded."
  • JamesThomas

    Sadie, I wasn't referring to other gods. Perhaps the mention of Buddha threw you off. In fact I was pointing away from gods. I applaud your observations Sadie. God's, divine entities, don't work. They never have. As TeeJay said, "as a dad Jehovah sucks". Many people are worshipping a god that is morally inferior to themselves. And as Dansk pointed out, with a little research we can discover the origins of such characters. Many people refuse to do this as they are afraid to lose their sacred cows. They're free to keep them. The ultimate Truth, if there is one, is already here (or it wouldn't be the Ultimate Truth). The problem is we just don't see it; and that is because we are blinded by what is false. Your seeing the discrepancies in god(s) is a good thing. You are starting to see. JamesT

  • Satanus

    Only 39 posts? And he seems to have forsaken us. As i remember, we didn't worship him or anything, but we didn't treat him too badly either.

  • SwordOfJah

    I've always enjoyed the following illustration in "Live Forever" book:

    "Have not parents who truly love their children permitted them to undergo a painful operation to correct some problem? Yes, the permission of temporary suffering has often made it possible for children to enjoy better health later on in life. "

    So as parents we do allow our children to suffer so that a problem can be repaired or permanently fixed.

  • Bona Dea
    Bona Dea

    Thanks for all the thoughts. This is an issue I've been struggling with for a while. Not just the belief in Jehovah, Yahweh, the christian god...but just in any god, any higher being, any creator. I've given up on believing that the bible god is real and that the bible is inerrant, due to the research I've done on the bible, the histories of various religions and their similarities to the bible stories etc. Right now, it's just a matter of trying to figure out whether I believe that there is any being who created us. If so, what's his or her problem? Doesn't this creature care about us? Apparently not.

    Since he has the power to resurrect those children in a better setting, it wasn't necessary to intervene at this time.

    SOJ, what about the present? What’s the point of even living? Why don’t we just go ahead and get it all over with if we’re just going to be resurrected to a better life anyway? So what if they can be resurrected (and that's a big IF and cannot be proven)...what about the pain, the very real pain they suffer now? It’s not like everyone gets to choose to go out quick. Some people hurt for decades, suffering from a broad range of ailments. Some people die a slow death due to insufficient food and/or water. Some children suffer at the hands of their own parents, being beaten, raped, and tortured until they either grow up to finally leave the situation, tell someone and try to get help (hopefully not an elder), or unfortunately die at the hands of their perpetrator. The fact that they get to be resurrected (which mind you some of them will not be according to various bible teachings) is supposed to make it all okay? This concept lends little comfort to the pain that one has to suffer in THIS life. Thanks for your input…

    It was this sentiment that inspired the Beatle's song "The Fool on the Hill".

    I didn’t know that. I’ll have to fill my dub hub in on that bit of info. He loves that song.

    An imperfect man possesses more compassion than that. Lowly humans make sacrifices so as to prevent suffering or aid other people when possible, yet an Almighty God who is supposed to be the very example we are emulating does nothing?

    Thanks Reborn. That’s my point exactly!!!


  • Dansk


    I posted this on another thread, but it was never answered. Perhaps you'd like to do the honours? I ask you to answer this:

    Mankind is said to be made in God's image. OK, so if I see someone attacking you in the street I'm going to want to join in and help you! Now, one could say I would be acting in such a manner because God's loving kindness is inside of me; that it's in everyone, really, because we are made in his image.

    If this is true, then why did God look down as 6,000,000 Jews were exterminated - including little children holding their mother's hands as they went to the gas chamber? Believe me, this is a question I've wrestled with for decades, even as a Dub. You see, if it's in MY image to want to help the innocent, then why didn't God, who's loving kindess is FAR GREATER than mine, step in and immediately stop the death of such innocents? I am seriously perplexed over such matters as this.


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