Which bible character do you hate the most?

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  • Bonsai

    The more i think about it, the more I feel an extreme dislike for the apostle Paul. He was on par with Hitler in his treatment of the Jews before he "saw the light". He replaced Jesus teachings of love and mercy with a more legalistic, Pharisaical concept of devotion to God.

    Any evil person can come to believe in God and worship him if the scales were literally and miraculously removed from his eyes. I don't think Paul was special. What irritates me even more is the fact that Jehovah's Witnesses were more Paulian than CHRISTian.

  • _Morpheus

    Im not a big fan of the evil one, that one who has super powers and kills people who dont agree with him.... The one with the super powers who killed everyone on earth by drowning them. The one who killed his 40k + of his friends because a single one of his other friends took a head count...the one who has super powers but refuses to help his friends out....except when he decides he wants to, every once in a while, when no one is looking. The one who hears the voice and cries and pain of every person on earth but never says a word back.

    Im not too fond of him.

  • Divergent

    Can I say Jehovah?


    I would say that Samson was one of the greatest assholes. During his wedding to a Philistine woman, he asked the groomsmen a riddle, which they failed to guess but ended up answering it by asking his wife to trick him into revealing the answer. He then became outraged, went to a city, & struck down 30 men, none of whom were at the wedding feast (WTF???) Subsequently, he lost his wife to his groomsman, then set fire to the Philistines' fields in revenge, which ultimately resulted in the death of both his wife & father-in-law. Then he embarked on a Philistine massacre, which served no purpose. He stupidly revealed the secret of the source of his strength to a prostitute, which let to his downfall. And this stupid man was supposedly a wise judge of Israel???

  • EdenOne

    On the NT, the apostle Paul (he is a fascinating character, nevertheless). On the OT, I struggle between Samson and Abimelech (book of Judges). But, the overall winner is clearly Yahweh.


  • stuckinarut2

    Many...but let's start with Lot!

    A supposed "man of faith" to imitate, who thought it ok to selfishly choose to live in a bad city, then allowed his wife to grow attached to that lifestyle and be killed for it (become salt)

    Then has sex with his 2 daughters!

    AND is praised as an incestuous father!!

    Yep....a really worthy man...

  • tiki
    Wow...I must ponder....but when you look at it objectively most in the old testament were pretty nasty characters or innocent victims...uriah, job victims....even poor old Ahab...so he married a hottie...David was not a nice man in a lot of respects...a vicious warrior.
  • Ucantnome
    When I was a JW I never liked the apostle Paul preferred Peter. Since I have left I really like Paul. I've read more of his letters. I've never liked King David that much.
  • Pistoff

    This is easy for me: David.

    Everywhere David goes, people die or are violated.

    The bible editors have whitewashed his story, but the real account is there, to my eyes.

    -He is said to love, just love love love, Jonathan, but he and his father both end up dead; funny, they were the only obstacles to the throne for David.

    David is said to kill someone who claimed to kill Saul.

    -David's men 'protect' Nabal's flocks, then try to get food and money from Nabal; the old protection racket. Nabal 'falls over dead', and David marries Nabal's wife.

    -Bathsheba, at least this one is told straight; he sees her, has sex repeatedly with her (unless we think just the once was enough to get her pregnant, maybe), kills her husband and then is said to be 'repentant'. When the son dies, he stops grieving, says oh well.

    David is a stone cold killer.

  • jookbeard
    I'm going for the so called creator, detest it, hate it with a vengeance, a repulsive, bad tempered, almost perverted lust for bloodshed, stubborn, spoilt like a child, petty, stupid, pointless, envious, jealous, bad planner, never thought things through, lacks common sense and logic, yes I hate it/him/her or whatever it is, give me the devil any time.
  • freddo
    Elisha and the she-bears don't make me feel heart-warmed.

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