TV and the Media

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  • LoveUniHateExams

    Meanwhile we pay athletes and actors exorbitant amounts of money to entertain us.

    Just where are our priorities? - we pay pro athletes lots of money because they bring in hundreds of millions of dollar-pounds globally.

    We pay journalists a moderate amount because they typically bring in a moderate amount of money.

    ^^^ This is fair, surely?

  • GabeAthouse
    A guy got arrested for supplying drugs. They said the value was worth so many thousand £'s. If you knew the guy, you'd know he hadn't got access to that sort of money ever. Not to buy and not to sell. they said it's what the Police reported.

    LOL. "Cop Math".

    I purchase a new car for $35,000. 8 years later I sell it for $20,000. 5 years later that person sells it for $10,000 and 5 years after that the owner sells it for $6000. Had the car been seized for illegal activities at the beginning of the story, at the press conference, Cop Math would report the value of the vehicle as $71,000.

  • Fisherman

    The media has always been a tool of the government even in the midsts of free press.

  • Anna Marina

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