Immigration is not what you think it is...for a reason

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  • TerryWalstrom

    If somebody knocks on your door and wants to enter your home (for whatever reason) you are faced with a decision process based, in part, on your ability to suss out why you DO or DO NOT allow entrance.



    "I'm being stalked by a madman--please let me hide inside" would be a strong emotional reason."
    "I'm with a group of Jehovah's Witnesses, we want to brainwash you."
    That would be a religious reason. :)

    Consider this is a question of SORTING alternatives.

    An infinite number of situations may apply depending on how you frame the situation.

    Situation A:
    You are safe in your home UNTIL faced with the knock on the door.
    At least one thing is clear.
    By knocking on your door the person who wants to enter your house respects you enough to ask for a hearing and allows you the opportunity to decide based on merit.

    Situation B:

    What if that person did NOT KNOCK?
    What if they sneaked in by opening a bedroom window?

    You see?
    A and B are framing devices for a basic decision.emotionally and intellectually.

    Knocking vs sneaking in is a game-changing alternative, right?

    Knocking and saying "Yes or No" based on merit...or dealing with the stranger in your bedroom now that they're already inside without permission.
    To make this otherwise is unnecessarily puzzling (i.e. Political)

  • truth_b_known

    Situation C:

    Someone sneaks into your house without your permission. Your neighbor tells you that you have to let them stay because you have such a nice house that even has a spare bedroom. You point to your neighbor that if he wishes to help the trespasser that he should accept him into his house. Your neighbor refuses stating that he shouldn't have to because you are financially better off and tells you to stop being greedy. Also, you just don't want the trespasser in your home because you're racist.

  • gone for good
    gone for good

    Situation D:

    Someone sneaks into your house because the rule makers at YOUR place previously destroyed that persons house .

    Maybe it was OUR history of genocides, slavery, greedy economic and foriegn policies and military bloodlust that have now coalesced the greatest refugee crisis in human history .

    Millions of tons of defoliants, napalm, bombs tanks and missiles etc. have surely contributed to the present mess.

    People tend not to follow the rules of rulers who have stacked the deck for generations.

  • Tara N Seals
    Tara N Seals

    Gone For Good, good for you..

    Can we get an AMEN!!!???

  • cofty

    'Our history of genocide'?

    What did I do or what did my parents or my children do so that we owe a debt to the rest of the world?

    Self-loathing is a plague that threatens our way of life.

  • truth_b_known

    The human species has been slaughtering itself over tens of thousands of years with no end in sight. Every known culture has participated in the practice of enslaving others and the practice goes on to this very day in some form or another. None of that has any bearing on a sovereign nation's right to secure its borders or decide who can and cannot step foot on its soil.

  • TerryWalstrom

    I was making a simple point (I thought).

    In everyday life, we don't leave our front door open for a very good reason.
    It is sane to pick and choose whom you allow inside your home.
    It is respectful to knock and ask about entering.
    It is disrespectful to enter without permission.

    This analogy hinges on Whether Or Not you think there is some kind
    of qualitative and quantitative difference between your house and your nation.

    There are many UGLY ways of discussing immigration.
    President Donald Trump chose an ugly framing device.
    That doesn't mean we should leave the door open.

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    Her heart felt sorry for the dogs at the pound so she brought them to live on her own private ground

    She fed them, she cleaned them she picked up their trash she did everything till she ran out of cash

    they fought and they pooped and they never would listen she hid in the closet so she wouldn't be bitten

    they ruined everything and they never obeyed and with each passing day she felt her love fade.

  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    I think that is a total reasonable response. We want people to knock, and ask to come in. We decide who does and does not.

    However, the analogy of the person in your bedroom already doesn't fit. We are talking about families that have been here for 30 years. Our communities do not benefit by ripping the patriarch out of a 3 child household. This is easily verifyable. I find most people sort of agree on the following.....and it really seems like enough.

    1) Increase border security permanently, leveraging our technology......but not building a wall costing 40B.

    2) Deport criminals with the full cooperation of all agencies. Period. Have an agreement with Mexico to extradite and imprison THERE, not here. We can even contribute to that initiative (and still save money as opposed to incarcerating ourselves)

    3) Give the DACA kids a path to citizenship that isn't burdened with red tape and fees. Get them in the system, and have a line for their parents already here. Do this for the sake of stabilizing the communities and families.

    4) Adjust how our visa system works. Refugee? Lets be a society of compassion....but smart about it. Want to visit family? Need a return ticket, and a way to properly track you. (this is how most immigrants illegally migrate here.....NOT the southern border) Want permanent residency or citizenship because of a job? Lets do it.

    5) Streamline a guest worker program, not letting people be abused, and giving wages that can be meaningful back home. No "slavery" like what happened in Florida with people being beaten, unpaid, and treated sub-human.

    6) Reach out to our southern neighbor on common ground, and have Mexico be our ALLY again, rather than denigrate them, and make them defensive.

    I it that hard? Don't people on all sides already agree in principle on these things? Why can we not do it?

  • Simon

    Someone sneaks into your house and your neighbour thinks you should let them stay. They have already trashed someone else's house, raped their daughter and stolen their money, now they want yours.

    You have a deranged neighbour and a violent thug in your house. You start to wonder if it might be a good idea to have a front-door fitted into the wide-open entrance. Also, whether you should remove the sign that your neighbour put on your lawn saying "free shit, help yourself"

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